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Size calculator for maternity and nursing bras

We would like to help you find your correct bra size because many women wear the wrong size. To make sure you choose the right size, please ask someone to help you with measuring. (You should be measured wearing a well-fitting bra). 

A well-fitting bra:

The cup must enclose the breast at both the side and dècolletè without restricting. The underbust band should not cut in.
Maternity bras:
Are usually required from the fourth month onwards. The underbust band should allow sufficient leeway for growth, i.e. it should fit comfortably on the tightest hook/row and more loosely on the second or third fastener.
Nursing bras:
Should be worn from the seventh or eighth month when the breast has normally reached its maximum size. The cups should be at least one size larger than the bra currently being worn. The underbust band does not need any spare width and must be closed on the first or second hook/row. 
BabySherpa and BabyPanty:
Recommended from the fifth month onwards. Make sure that the waistband and legs do not cut in!

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