How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman

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How to Buy Lingerie for a Woman?


Across the seven continents of the world, there are plenty of men wondering how to buy lingerie for their woman. It’s one of the most popular gift ideas for her, something that every lady would be happy to unwrap this holiday season, yet the most intimidating for a man to buy.  After all, there’s nothing like being a man looking for sexy lingerie sets that you know nothing about.

But have no fear, men of this world. You can strut into any lingerie store with confidence, and find the perfect gift ideas for your lady within seconds, as long as you follow these steps first.

Always Consider Your Lady

Before you even start to consider gift ideas, there is one thing you can’t overlook. Whatever it is, whatever you do, always consider your lady when looking at gift ideas. If your woman is incredibly proud of her body, a scantily swimsuit for your winter getaway is an excellent gift idea. However, if she is more reserved and modest, an itsy bitsy polka dot bikini isn’t going to give you the reaction you’re hoping for.

So as a rule of thumb, always – and we mean always, think about your lady first. Consider the things she loves about her body, the things she dislikes, what makes her feel sexy, what makes her feel uneasy, etc. The more you know, the easier it’ll be the find the perfect lingerie gift ideas for her.

Consider the Occasion

The second rule to buying lingerie for a woman is to always consider the occasion. This tip will help you decide what type of lingerie is appropriate and what is not. For example, Christmas is a time of giving and you want to look at lingerie gift ideas that are 100% for her, as opposed to lingerie sets, panties and bras you want to see her in. The latter is better for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Think About What the Lingerie Says

With the vast selection of lingerie types, styles, designs, cuts, colors and fabrics, it can be difficult deciding what to buy. To narrow down the selection of gifts ideas for her, think about what you want the present to say. A scantily red, lace lingerie set from an adult shop is going to give a very different message than a luxurious, sexy and classy pair of panties from a lavish lingerie brand. So, think about what comes to mind when you see it, and make sure it coincides with the message you want to give.

Know her Size

If you’re going to buy lingerie for your lady, you might as well do it right. That means no gift certificates or wrong sizes with a gift receipt. There’s nothing romantic about that. So, find the right size. Since your lady’s size in panties and bras can change overtime, it’s important to check the sizes of styles she currently wears.   Otherwise, you could be looking at lingerie that no longer fit.

Once you have the size, you’re in the clear to turn these gift ideas for her into perfectly wrapped presents. Just be sure to consider everything else before you go ahead and make such an important purchase. If done correctly, you could win brownie points that’ll  last a lifetime. Anita has an amazing collection of women’s lingerie. You can check out the lingerie collection by clicking here.



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