It all began in Dresden back in 1886 when Ernst Max Helbig, great-grandfather of today's owner, Georg Weber-Unger, first set up the company. In the early years we produced elastic braces and heavy, yet also elastic, body belts. Men and women were rather heavyset back then, which meant these types of articles were highly sought after!

Production of the first corsets          

Production of the first orthopaedic body belts and trusses

Dr Walter Helbig, grandfather of today's owner, Georg Weber-Unger, took over the company.

With 300 seamstresses in Dresden and an annual turnover of 17 million Reichsmark, the company became an important producer of braces and corsets.

Following the bombing and complete destruction of the production sites, a new beginning was ventured in Dresden (East Germany, under Soviet occupation) after the war. During this time, Russia was the main supplier of raw materials and also the largest purchaser of our corsets and girdles. The production sites in Dresden were ultimately seized in 1971 by the East German state, which at the time was under communist rule, and the company was declared a state-owned enterprise.


Dr Helbig's daughter, Dr Christine Weber-Unger, and her husband Dr Heinrich Weber-Unger, parents of present owner Georg Weber-Unger, refounded the company in democratic West Germany. Through a series of coincidences, the first floor of the former Schlossbrauerei brewery in Brannenburg was offered to the company and quickly equipped with sewing machines, serving as the first production site. 


Dr Christine Weber-Unger was an intelligent woman with a head for business. She was particularly good at sensing "new and promising niches". She recognised the potential in creating special "nursing bras" and in designing special underwear and swimwear for pregnant women. She also saw the need for special articles to support women who had undergone breast surgery.


Georg Weber-Unger took over the managerial reigns; the company started to expand beyond Germany. Sales and distribution branches were established in France, England, Switzerland and Holland; the company set up its own production sites in Austria, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

Sales and distribution branches were established in the USA, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Poland. A new building was constructed for our world-wide logistics centre in Kufstein; the company began investing in Asia, establishing its own production branches in Thailand and Myanmar.

   2010 - today

Acquisition of our Italian and Canadian importers and foundation of ANITA companies