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Post surgery prostheses: Soft silicone and foam breast forms

Gentle support for body and soul

You can only appear self-confident and relaxed if you feel happy in your own skin. Women who have undergone breast surgery require special support to pick up the threads of their former lives. At Anita care we are familiar with your needs in this special situation, with our experience and specialist knowledge we're here to help you along the way.

Anita care breast forms are made in our own works in Bad Tölz in Upper Bavaria. Anita is the only manufacturer in the world who also makes silicone breast prostheses with a breathable, textile microfibre backing.

What makes Anita breast forms special? The combination of a natural design and extreme comfort.

Uneven tissue is subtly concealed and a lack of volume is gently compensated. You do not have to worry about feeling strained or restricted. Sensitive skin does not get irritated. We offer you the best solution to meet your individual needs – you can rely on us.

Mastectomy Bras and swimwear products are available for all Anita breast forms and compensatory solutions.

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As the only manufacturer worldwide Anita produces silicone breast forms with a breathable textile microfibre back side.

Use our store locator to find stockists with Anita breast prostheses for initial, partial and full compensation.

  • Secure and comfortable wearing comfort

  • Weight and softness very close to the biological breasts

  • Natural movement thanks to the patented Flex Gap®

  • Best skin compatibility