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Specialist Advice: Reliable and confidential consultation 

We support you with advice and helping hands

Which bra or compensation form is suited best for you depends on your individual needs. Fitting experts in the medical health care section help you find the right selection and provide expert advice.
Anita conducts regular training courses and seminars to ensure you with the best support from well trained breast care nurses, specialized retailers and bra fitters. In these seminars, the specialized fitters do not only receive thoroughly training on Anita products, but also on general topics, such as health care regulations, symptoms of breast cancer as well as consultation on finding the right breast form size.

Find a specialized expert near you to receive detailed consultation.

Everything you need to know and a little bit on top….

...provides our magazine „Contacts“

Our Anita care brochure provides you with the latest topics on news and interesting information about breast cancer, general lifestyle trends and shares useful advices for a good living.

Additionally Chris and An, two breast cancer survivors are sharing their story and talk about how to add a new and positive meaning to life after breast surgery.

In the fashion section we introduce our new Anita care lingerie and mastectomy swimwear. Furthermore you can gain interesting insights about where our Anita bras are made.