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Your Cup is beautyFull

Celebrate your curves and love what you’ve got!

With the right Big Cup Bra you got the ideal underwear for larger breasts. 

Bra sizes are on the up...

The average bust size is rising. Being blessed with larger bosoms has its perks but can also bring some problems....

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The size matters

Wearing the correct size is key to a well fitting, all-round comfortable bra. Read how to measure for your true size. 

How to measure

Big Cup ≠ Big Cup

Specific design is the key! A well fitting bra makes the difference for larger cup sizes!

But what exactly makes a bra for large cups different from a regular bra?

Let’s take a look new style Lupina and discover the most important features:

The four sectioned cups symmetrically shape the bust and allows for a beautiful shape.  

The high but narrow frame between the cups ensures enhanced support and gently lifts the breasts.  

The straps are positioned  centrally on the shoulders ensuring a smooth fit and optimized comfort.  

The back features an additional lining to provide all-round support for the bra frame.  

Big Cup Bra Lupina

A modern classy style, feminine and elegant introducing a new level of comfort: Big cup bra Lupina. Enchanting embroidery in the shape of flower petals make this bra a true eye catcher.         Four-part cups ensure best fit, enhances stability and set the spotlight for your curves. 

Available in Cup F - J.


Styles that fit!

5 Myths

  1. Myth: Large cup bras look like bras our grandmothers would wear 
  2. Myth: Women with large breasts can't wear strapless bras 
  3. Myth: Big boobs and sports don't go along well 
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The Size Expert  

With more than 130 years of experience we constantly increased our knowledge about bras for large cup sizes. We always strive to optimize our designs and manufacturing processes. Today this expertise allows us to offer bras up to cup size I and J with under bust measurements 30 - 46. (EUR/J 65-105, AUS/NSL 8-24) 

Our highest priority is your well-being whenever you're wearing an Anita or Rosa Faia item.