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Once upon a time...

Owner Georg Weber-Unger recalls how the name "ROSA FAIA" came about

"The name Rosa Faia was chosen rather at random around 30 years ago. I was on holiday with my family and parents in Albufeira in the Algarve, where we were renting a lovely house. I had spoken to my father about starting up a new, stylish lingerie brand and he said we would need an appropriate brand name.

I picked up the phone book and began flicking through, looking for something that would fit. That is when I happened to come across the name "Rosa Faia". The sequence of vowels in Rosa Faia instantly appealed to us – the new brand was born!"

Comfort for large cup sizes

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CHARLIZE combines subtle floral embroidery with a high-quality jacquard fabric to create a timelessly elegant look.

Perfectly fitting fashionable gaments

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