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Large Cup Sizes

Perfect fit through to large cup sizes

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  • Attractive, stylish lingerie in all cup sizes

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Your Cup is beautiful!

Our specially designed articles for large cup sizes subtly highlight your body and bust in all the right places.

From stylish, sexy lingerie to more discreet, concealing daily wear articles – choose what best suits you!

Larger cups generally require stronger support. This is why all our articles with larger cups are adjusted accordingly: firmer, generally wider straps, stronger material at the back and side staves are just some of the many thought-out features that really make a difference. These details ensure a perfect fit and the highest level of comfort, even in cups I and J.

In addition, all our bras are tested across all sizes during the development phase by dozens of women. Every detail is assessed and tweaked until each model sits perfectly and is comfortable. This means that you can simply pick out your preferred model, put it on and instantly feel great!