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Large Cup Sizes: How to choose the best sports bra

Maximum level of support

Running with large breasts call for an extra level of support. For high impact sports we recommend wearing sports bras from our maximum support category. 

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  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Ergonomic supporting underbust band
  • Maximum level of support

Our must have sports bras for large cup sizes

Sports bras for small and curvy women with large cup sizes

Why our Sport Bras are unique?

Our high quality, comfort and support are part of a few of the things Anita active is known for. Our well designed and functional sports bras have won many international prizes.

For a bra to fit right is always one of the first and most critical steps when choosing a bra. This is why our sports bras for big busts have additional hooks that can be adjusted to the right size for you. Of course we are not forgetting about the straps, our sports bras for the bigger bust offer wider upholstered straps to disperse the weight across the upper body and offer optimied supprt.

This allows you to partake in intense activities without getting an ache after. Save your shoulders, neck and back from that misery. Anita sports bras let’s you kill your work out without killing your back!

Why our sports bras are unique, because we give you high quality, comfort, support and we do all of this in style!

How would an Anita sports bra benefit you?

A high-quality sports bra is essential for runners, but also an absolute must for all other movement intensive sports. The bust does not have its own muscular system; breast tissue is merely held in place with tendons and ligaments. Irrelevant of cup size, the bust requires support to keep not only the tissue but also the spine in check.

During a 1,000m run, bust movement alone covers a distance of almost 90 metres! A well-fitting sports bra can minimise the bust's movement by up to 80%.

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