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Mix and match

Who isn't a fan: mix and match to your heart's content!

Pretty much anything is allowed. To give you a helping hand, we put together a neat guideline.


  • Any top and bottom style can be mixed together, e.g.  bandeau tops with hipster bottoms, balconette tops with tie bottoms
  • All unicolours, irrelevant of shade and intensity, can be combined, e.g. pink and petrol, black and blue, red and purple, etc.
  • Mixing patterns?! Not a problem, just make sure the colours go together and are more or less  be found in both patterns. e.g. spots with stripes, stars with flowers


  • Prevent from mixing unicolour with a print if the unicolour cannot be found in the printed pattern, e.g. a neon Hawaii print with black
  • Resist from mixing completely different materials with each other, e.g. neoprene with a silky glossy fabric
  • Don't mix two identically sized patterns together!
Complete your summer look with our beautiful range of accessories.
Beautiful red Bikini from Rosa Faia. Mix and match bikini top and bottom for endless options. The top can be worn as halterneck or strapless.