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The anti-backpain programme

The anti-backache programme

Back pain is one of the most frequent and severe complaints during pregnancy. You can minimise its effect by taking some simple, precautionary measures.

During pregnancy the back is subjected to a great deal of strain, as the weight of the unborn child increasingly presses on the pelvis and spine. This is aggravated by the fact that the growing abdomen shifts the centre of gravity of the body which essentially becomes front-heavy. To compensate for this effect, many pregnant women lean backwards and this results in a hollow lower back. This constant incorrect posture puts a strain on the back muscles and the frequent consequence is back pain.  In addition, the back has to carry considerably more body weight during pregnancy. An increase in weight of 10 to 14 kg is normal.


Pregnancy hormones also contribute to general back problems. These hormones make the joints and tendons of the body looser, especially in the lower back area, so that it is easier for the baby to slip through the pelvis during the birth. As a result, however, the spine loses stability and its supporting effect. The muscles have to compensate for this, and tension increases, causing the back ache.

Prevention is best

Expectant mums do not have to suffer from backache. With an appropriate training and exercise programme which strengthens the back muscles, pain and tension can be avoided from the outset. Special maternity classes with back exercises or pre-natal gymnastics are recommended, and also yoga and even belly-dancing. Those who enjoy being in water can have fun swimming and doing aqua-gymnastics. The water also has an additional beneficial and pleasant effect ? it carries the weight of the body, relieving strain on the back, joints and tendons.

The Anita® support principle for tummy and back

As well as strengthening the muscles, maternity support belts result in a noticeable reduction in the strain on the tummy and back. Both the Anita maternity BabyBelt® and BabySherpa® adapt perfectly to the increasing girth of the tummy with their simple, fully adjustable Velcro-type fasteners. The BabyBelt® is concealed under outer clothing, while the BabySherpa®  is worn on top of clothing as a modern accessory.

Clinical tests of the Anita® support principle [Link] have shown that back and abdominal pain can be significantly reduced with the use of an Anita support aid.  In addition, the tummy, if supported during pregnancy with the BabyBelt® or BabySherpa®, is helped to regain its former shape more quickly after the birth.
The Anita® support principle

- Effective aid against back and pelvic pain
• Expanding abdominal section with tummy and back support
• Easy to put on and take off
• Fully adjustable; fits perfectly when standing, sitting or resting

Clinical test of the Anita® support principle (University Clinic, Frankfurt/Main):

100% of the women in the trial complained of back pain
96% about feelings of pressure and tension in the pelvic and abdominal areas
60% about aching pelvic pain

Wearing an Anita maternity support belt resulted in a reduction in:

82% of back pains
93% of feelings of pressure and tension in the pelvic and abdominal areas
93% of aching pelvic pains.