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lingerie terms

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360° BodyControl

The figure-accentuating system from Anita providing all-round shaping through the combined effect of special tailoring and high-function fabrics.





The BabyBelt® is an effective support aid, helping to prevent back and pelvic pain. The support belt with a grow-with-you body section is fully adjustable.  It is easy to put on and take off and fits perfectly and comfortably whether the wearer is standing, sitting or lying down. The BabyBelt® has been clinically tested.



The BabySherpa® is an effective support aid to help prevent back and pelvic pain. The fully adjustable belt adapts to the size of the growing tummy and can be put on and taken off quickly, as it is worn over outer garments. It fits perfectly and comfortably whether the wearer is standing, sitting or lying down.




Suitable after thoracic and abdominal surgery, for treatment of thoracic trauma such as thoracic contusions or rib fractures, dorsal root sciatica and in the event of slipped discs. Ensures static correction of the spine, regular pressure distribution and does not restrict breathing in spite of the tight fit.


The Beauty-Belt can be worn both as a warming belt around the tummy or as a modern extension for lengthening Tshirts and is useful for a host of different situations. It moulds perfectly to the body and encompasses the tummy to maximise mum‘s and baby‘s feeling of well-being. Gathering at the sides ensures an optimum fit.



A body is a one-piece, close-fitting garment. It has a supporting effect and normally features a stud or hook fastener on the gusset. A body also often has a figure-shaping effect and therefore accentuates feminine curves.


A bra is a lingerie item which is designed to support and shape the breast.

  • Without underwires: The breast is shaped by the special design of the cups. it is very comfortable to wear.
  • Underwired: The reinforcing underwire ensures additional stabilisation and a harmonious, round breast shape.
  • With preformed cup: Particularly suitable for wearing under T-shirts as it does not shown through outer garments due to the seamless cup. An additional push-up effect creates an attractive cleavage

Bra with front fastening

This bra type has a front fastening which greatly facilitates dressing and undressing

Breast support

Side breast support between the layers for a controlled compressive effect on the side underbust area up to the straps


Characteristic features of briefs are straight leg styling and wide sides. Classic briefs fully cover the buttocks and sit on the hip bones.

Bust lining

The bra-shaped bust lining lends the bust a natural appearance, is opaque and provides additional support at the side




A bustier is a close-fitting, short top which serves to  shape the breast in a similar manner to a bra. It is normally soft and seamless.


A perfect blend of light microfibre and natural cotton for optimum skin temperature regulation.

Comfort straps

Are soft, wide straps which do not cut in and are softly padded in the larger sizes.

Compression bra

The compression bra is a medical aid for optimum stabilisation and immobilisation of the breast after all kinds of plastic breast surgery. It supports the healing process by controlled compression around the scar area and relieves the lymph drainage system.


A girdle, brassiere and panty girdle in one. It has an all-over figure-forming effect.

Ergoline Underwiring

Anatomically-shaped and snug-fitting for ultimate support and comfort.


For example for bras. A flap is sewn into the bra so that it forms a pocket in combination with the cup to accommodate a breast prosthesis. Anita flaps are also available in microfibre with an optimum effect on the skin milieu, and available in all colours to match Anita bras or bodies.


A prosthesis with a unique system combining an ultra-flexible material with a specially designed back.

High waist brief

A high waist brief has a a higher waistband which reaches up to the tummy button. It has wide sides, fully covers the buttocks and can conceal a slight tummy well.


A lightweight, sporty-looking panty cut high on the hips. The back looks like a lightweight panty/briefs.


The patented KwikKlip® system allows easy opening/closing of the cups with one hand. This way, the mother can hold her baby in one arm while preparing for breastfeeding or changing sides.


Long-leg panty girdle

The long-leg panty girdle has a shaping effect on the thighs with the extended legs and does not show through outer garments due to the seamless tailoring. It reaches to the waist in the same manner as a panty girdle and fully encompasses the buttocks.

Longline bra

A bra which reaches to the waist, ensuring additional shaping and support of the abdominal area.

Maternity briefs

The maternity briefs have a special design which provides sufficient space at the front for the tummy to grow. Also pleasant to wear after giving birth.


The Anita® Memo system was developed by Anita as an aide-memoire for breastfeeding mothers: a tiny stork on a ribbon at the centre of the nursing bra can be moved to the left or right to mark the breast last fed from.

Minimiser bra

A minimiser bra has a minimising effect on the bust size.

Moulded = Pre-formed

Fabric pre-formed (moulded) by heat and pressure. Seamless cups are pleasant to wear and give a rounded, natural shape to the bust.


Moulding (for seamlessness)

A procedure which forms fabric through heat and pressure. Seamless cups are pleasant to wear and provide a particularly natural and flattering form for the body’s contours.



Nursing bra

Anita maternity nursing bras :

- Provide firm support for your heavy breasts

- Make sure nursing is comfortable and easy for you and your baby

- Protect your sensitive breasts with high-quality fabrics and seamless styling

Nursing top

The top features an integrated bra made of breathable microfibre which is invisible from the outside and which can be opened by means of clips on the straps. This facilitates breastfeeding.


Panties have a wider side than a thong but a short depth (the top edging reaches up to around the middle of the tummy). It fully covers the buttocks.

Panty girdle

A panty girdle flattens the tummy with its reinforced front panel, encompasses the buttocks and extends up to the waist.


The post-op belt secures an implant in place and in particular prevents it slipping upwards.

Pregnancy bra

We recommend wearing an Anita maternity bra because :

- It grows with you through to the end of your pregnancy

- It effectively prevents stretch marks and helps your bust retain its shape

- It relieves strain on the shoulders and neck

- High-quality materials pamper your sensitive breasts and ensure maximum comfort

Push-up (balcony) bra

Lifts and holds up the bust through form giving stays. The push-up bra has a bust emphasizing effect, designed especially for smaller cup sizes.

ReBelt panty

The ReBelt panty fully shapes the tummy, hips and buttocks. It supports and reinforces the abdomen, improves the body's statics, relieves strain on the back and promotes reshaping of the abdomen. Suitable after pregnancy and in the event of a slight abdominal weakness.

Sports bra

An Anita active sports bra with its high-function design reliably supports, shapes and encompasses the bust so that movement and uncomfortable 'pulling' is minimalised. These functional features are especially important for larger bust sizes.

Support bra

This support bra has wide, padded straps which pleasantly relieve strain across the shoulders, back and neck.

Support straps

Wider straps with comfort shoulder padding,  diagonally stabilised (do not curl), do not cut in and relieve strain in the shoulder/neck area


Suspenders are stretch bands with clips which are attached to lingerie to support stockings.


A thong is a lingerie item which does not cover the buttocks. It is particularly suitable for wearing under close-fitting garments as no seams are visible on the buttocks.


Shapes and supports the breast from below and from the sides. Recommended especially for larger busts for perfect, feminine body enhancement.