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Company History


Foundation by Ernst Max Helbig, great grandfather of the present proprietor Georg Weber-Unger. Initial production of elastic braces.


Production of corsets and body-belts for women


Production of orthopaedic body-belts and trusses


Transfer of ownership to son Dr. Walter Helbig


Workforce of approx. 350 in Dresden


Devastation of entire works including residential building in the Johann-Georgen-Allee in Dresden (near the Hygiene Museum)


Re-launch with burnt-out machinery in Dresden


New Foundation in West Germany by the daughter of Walter Helbig, Dr. Christine Weber-Unger and her husband, Dr. Heinrich Weber-Unger in the former brewery Schlossbrauerei Brannenburg


Foundation of an independent company in Austria for the EFTA markets


Production of niche products such as nursing bras and maternity panty girdles


Production of swimsuits, breast prothesis and post-mastectomy bras


Final expropriation of business in Dresden


Transfer of management to Mr Georg Weber-Unger and Mr Hanns-Jürgen Weck


Founding of sales company in Hungary; founding of production company in Portugal

1991Founding of sales company in France
1994Founding of sales company in England 
1997Founding of production company in the Czech Republic
1999Takeover of sales company in Switzerland and Holland
2001Founding of sales company in USA; sales office in Portugal
2002Construction of new logistics centre in Kufstein (AUSTRIA); founding of sales company in Belgium
2003Founding of sales company in Spain and Far East trading
2005Founding of sales company in Poland
2006       Founding of company in Thailand

The company Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH today

A specialist supplier of foundation garments, swimwear and accessories, Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH is a growing multi-national company with a workforce of approx. 1,400 worldwide and an annual turnover of approx. €80 million. Its own production sites are located in Germany, Austria, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Far East.

Exports already account for over 50% of sales at Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH, and the trend is rising. In the global market, the Company enjoys an excellent reputation as a niche supplier of specialist, high-quality lingerie. Its main export markets are Italy, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. Distribution is partly via the Company´s own subsidiaries, and partly via exclusive import agents.