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It fits like a glove! Finding the right size
When trying on new lingerie it is important to move around as you would in everyday life. You should sit down, walk around, bend and move your arms up and down – this way you will know if everything sits perfectly.

The following criteria might be helpful when choosing new lingerie:

Unfavourable   Perfect 

Corselet – a poor fit 

  • Too short: the chest is drawn down and pushed flat, the legholes are drawn up. 
  • Too long: the corselet hangs on the body in loose folds.
  • In both cases the body loses its figure-forming characteristics.



Corselet – a good fit

  • the corselet or panty girdle fits optimally if the fabric fits closely without being too tight or hanging in folds.

Bra – a poor fit

Perfekt BH.jpg

Bra – a good fit

  • narrow straps cut in particularly where the bust is full and heavy
  • wide straps which distribute the weight evenly across the shoulders
  • the cups are too small
  • the straps are the right length and do not cut in

  • no optimal support from below or for the sides
  • the cups should provide sufficient space to enclose the breast without cutting in

  • the breast shape is not formed

  • an inner cup lining forms and gives support to the breast

Panty girdle – a poor fit


Panty girdle – a good fit

  • waistband lies between waist and hip

  • waistband lies naturally on waistline
  • panty slips down and cuts in

  • perfect fit retained even with movement
  • does not cut in