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Get the right care after breast surgery

After breast surgery your body undergoes so many changes; we recommend that you check the fit of your post-mastectomy bra and prosthesis approximately every three months. As a guideline the following three steps should assist you with this process:


  • Does the prosthesis fit perfectly in the bra?
    Is it too small/too large in relation to the intact side?

    Choose another size if necessary. 
  • Is the prosthesis the right shape?

    Choose another size if necessary. 
  • Is it too flat, or does it not lie flat?
    Choose another shape if necessary.

The post-mastectomy bra

  • Does the bra lie properly against the ribcage?

  • Do the cups contain the whole breast?

  • Does the neckline sit properly?

  • Are the straps cutting in?

  • Is the underbust band cutting in?

    If your bra does not fit properly for any of these reasons, choose another size and/or bra style if necessary.

With a swimsuit: 

  • Does the swimsuit fit properly at the neckline?
    Especially when bending forward? No?

    Choose another style.

  • Are the straps, armholes, rear neckline or legholes constricting? Yes?

    Choose another cut or size.

  • Are all surgical scars perfectly concealed? No?

    Choose a style with a different cut.

    Repeat this check after three months, as the body changes after major surgery of this kind.


Dress in a tight T-shirt - then take a look in the mirror to judge the fit for yourself.

If you think you need a different provision, please contact your healthcare specialist.