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Pia Widmesser

First I would like to introduce myself to you:
My Name is Pia Widmesser. I was born on 02.10.1984 in Rosenheim and I grew up in the Bavarian Alps. Together with my sister and my two brothers I´ve learned skiing in the good old ski resort Sudelfeld. At the age of 16 - still wearing the ski-club jacket and actively racing, I started to enjoy more and more skiing off-piste, jumping cliffs and hunting bottomless powder between the races. With 16 I got invited from some good norwegian friends to come to Norway to join a Freeride Event. This wonderful trip was the start to my freeride carrer and even so I am skiing for so many years I am still hungry to learn, explore and push my limits every day.

Whats your inspiration?
I enjoy the feeling of cruising powder together with my friends. On the other hand I love the mental and physical challenges of a difficult line. It is a great satisfaction to push my limits on a big mountain line and still pull it off exactly the way I have planed it.

What´s your top 3 career highlights/most fun moments so far?
The World Tour and especially the Verbier Extreme is for sure the highlight of my skiing career, but also my film projects – only with the girls, the trip to Japan and also the Argentine trip was one of my best experiences.

How did you spend your summer?
For most of the summer I have done a work experience for my studies in business administration. But now I am done with my studies and I enjoy summer being in the mountains either mountain biking or hiking. Our yearly alp cross on mountain bike is definitely a highlight.

Why Anita?
I know Anita for many years because it´s a well know company in our region. For me it´s super important that I can concentrate totally on my sport and that my equipment works perfect. So for me Anita sport bras are a perfect partner for my every day sport.

Fast Facts
Date of Birth : 02.10.1984
Born: Rosenheim
Resides: Kiefersfelden Germany, Zillertal Austria


Facebook Profile:

ANITA, Sweet Protection, Gore-Tex, K2 Ski, Adidas Eyewear

competing since: 2007
first time on snow: at the age of 3

favorite maneuvers on snow: speedy lines with nice cliffs
what does it mean to be part of the “FreeRiders-Worldtour” (FWT ): For me it´s a honor to be part of the FWT and ski with some of the best skiers in the world
motto: survive : )


6. Platz Verbier Extreme, Switzerland FWT 2012

5. Platz Fieberbrunn, Austria FWT 2012

5. Platz Chamonix, France FWT 2012

3. Platz Revelstoke, Canada FWT 2012

8. Platz Overall, Freeride World Tour 2011

3. Platz Freeride World Tour La Clusaz 2011

3. Platz Nendaz Freeride  2010 World Tour Qualifier 

1. Platz Engadinsnow 2010 World Tour Qualifier

2. Platz Freeride World Tour Qualifier Røldal