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Lotje Schoots

Please, let me introduce myself. I am Lotje Schoots, well, that is to say, my real name is Carlotte Charity. I was born in a region in the province of Northern Holland, called the “Zaanstreek” where we already had a farm with horses. My parents are also familiar with sport horses and so, I was actually raised with these beautiful animals. I cannot remember one period of my life without horses.

What is your inspiration?
I get my inspiration out of working and training with the horses every day. I also like to watch other professional riders.

What are your 3 career highlights?
Dutch Championship Juniors 2002, that was my first Dutch Championship and I won the silver medal. On the European Championship juniors in 2005 I won the gold medal with my horse Fhilippo and of course the Grand Prix Special in 2012.

What do you do when you´re not working with the horses?
When I´m not working with the horses I do some work around the stable, give lessons, answer my emails and try to keep my website up-to-date.

What is your motto?
Personally I don´t have a real motto. I think it´s important to enjoy life next to all the hard work and training. My motto could be: Live as if it is your last day!

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Fast facts:
Date of birth: 20.11.1988
Born: Zaanstreek
Resides: Abcoude, The Netherlands


Facebook profile:!/lotje.schoots

Sponsors: Anita active, Equitop®, Hippostar, Hotel Prins Hendrik, Superstore de Ruitershop 


Championships of the Netherlands
1997: 1st with Marco (pony)
1998: 1st with Marco
1999: 1st with Marco
2000: 3rd with Marco
2001: 2nd with Boy Liberty (pony)
2002: 4th with Boy Liberty
2002: 8th with Farao (juniors)
2003: 2nd with Fhilippo (juniors)
2004: 1st with Fhilippo
2005: 9th with Torricelli (national PAVO cup)
2005: 1st with Fhilippo (juniors)
2005: 9th with Torricelli
14th with Tsarina B (nat. Pavo cup)
2006: 1st with Torricelli (Z1)
2006: 1st with Torricelli (ZZ-L)
2007: 2nd with Soraya National VSN cup_
2007: 1st with Reine B (nat. Young Riders)
2007: 1st with Torricelli (ZZ-Z)
2007: 11th with Wonja en Soraya (nat. Pavo cup)
2008: 1st Reine B Young Riders
2008: 1st Luxform's Popeye small tour

Results in the European Championships Juniors
2003: 2nd in the consolation finals and 1st in the team final with Fhilippo
2004: 1st individual gold and 2d in the team finals with Fhilippo
2005: 1st individual gold en team gold with Fhilippo
2006: 1st team gold with Reine B

Results in the European Championships Young Riders
2007: 2nd individual gold 1st team gold with Reine B
2008 1st individual gold 1st team gold with Reine B

Results in the World Championships Young Riders
2006: 8th individual with Torricelli (world championships 6 year old horses)
2007: 2nd individual with Reine B
2008: 1st individual with Reine B, 1st with team