Training session on all post surgery products withinthe Anita care line

Holding the position of an Anita manager often means wearing many different hats during the course of a working week. We caught up with Jemma Barnes from Anita UK to see what a typical week looks like working for the Anita brands here in the UK.Easy jet airplane

“The week began with a flight up to Glasgow to meet with Buchanan’s orthotics. The purpose was three fold, to introduce the new account manager Serina Baker, to conduct a range review of the styles currently stocked at Buchanans and to showcase the new products available in the collection. It was nice for Serina to see the facilities Buchanan’s offer as they receive referrals from several hospitals in the surrounding area and are totally committed to offering a personal service and a good selection of products from a variety of suppliers.”

Bra fitting boutique post surgery and prosthetics boutique

Buchanans orthotics


‘There’s no time to enjoy the rest of Glasgow unfortunately so its back on a plane and home to Milton Keynes where the next two days are spent liaising with reps, talking with the Head office in Germany, communicating with customers and the office team, sending e-mails and planning for a forthcoming visit to Portsmouth university to explore ways of working together. I also had to prepare a couple of adverts for trade and consumer press, January issues.”

Uk Anita manager Jemma Barnes in Portsmouth














“Next up was the visit to Portsmouth University where we met with Dr Jenny Burbage and Dr Joanna Scurr to look at their facilities and techniques for bra testing. Dr Burbage and Dr Scurr are responsible for breast care and have developed a technique for researching breast movement during exercise and the effects of wearing bras designed to stabilize breast tissue during periods of physical exercise. Together we discussed the implementation of an individual programme for testing selected Anita Sports bras to see by what percentage they reduce breast bounce when worn by an individual during intense activity. We look forward to sharing the results of this in 2017, once the research has taken place”

portsmouth portsmouth university sports lab














Back on the train and we are busy preparing for one of our regular training post-surgery sessions at the Anita offices. This one is in conjunction with Carolyn Portch – our specialist fitter. A group of eight customers from around the country came along to have training on Post mastectomy care and the use of post-surgical products. The day includes training on surgical techniques and aftercare, medical compression garments* (include a link to our compression garments)  to aid healing after surgery, soft forms, permanent silicon forms, creating a bra wardrobe and best fitting techniques for post-surgical ladies. As well as tuition sessions the invited guests can also get hands on experience of fitting a lady with a bra and breast form after surgery with the ever patient Kate who offers her services to Anita as a fitting model. At the end of the day the guests are presented with certificates to show they have successfully completed the training course and have a good understanding of the needs of a lady after breast surgery.

Jemma Barnes demonstrating all post surgical pproducts within the Anita care rangeTraining session on all post surgery products withinthe Anita care line














This was a busy week for me but not unusually so, come back in show season and our feet really don’t touch the ground! Jemma Barnes – MD Anita UK

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