Pretty bras for breastfeeding in many colours from anita maternity

We knew it couldn’t be this pretty for nothing! Anita Maternity has been shortlistedANita maternity chosen for the junior design awards

as ‘Best Maternity Lingerie Brand’ by Junior magazine. Coming only a year after winning ‘Best Maternity Brand’ at the Prima Baby Awards this latest accolade for Anita Maternity has us doing a few high fives here at the Anita UK office and … just between us of course… opening a bottle of something sparkly to celebrate. Well it is almost the weekend as we write this so why not?

Maternity Bras are sometimes confused with nursing bras but they do perform two completely separate functions and both have a deserved place in the expectant mum’s underwear drawer.

A maternity bra is best bought at about three months, at the end of the first trimester when your breasts have started to change. The breast can become 300-500g heavier through pregnancy as the mammary glands grow and this can put surrounding skin and tissue under quite a lot of strain. You will particularly be grateful for the support of a maternity bra if you wear it through the night, a time when many women find it is painful to lay on their sides without the support of a bra.

A properly fitted maternity bra should have room for two or three adjustments in the under band as your breasts increase in size and the cups should be made of special expandable material which grows with you. If correctly fitted at the start you should be able to wear the same maternity bra throughout your whole pregnancy.

Anita Maternity offer a super comfy seamless bustier in a number of colourways which many pregnant women find is particularly good especially for sleeping in.

seamless maternity bustier

Another popular choice from Anita Maternity is the pretty Paisley collection. The maternity bras have pre-shaped cups made from breathable microfibre and stretch to grow along and adapt to the shape and size of the breast.

Breast feeding ba with underwire in black with paisley print

A nursing bra however is for use once your baby has been born. Breastfeeding has been proven to be beneficial to both mother and baby and can provide a special bonding time between you. Additionally, the health benefits for you both are very rewarding, providing mum with an aide to recovery after birth as the breastfeeding hormones restore the womb to its normal shape and the extra calorie consumption helps to aid weight loss.

Anita’s nursing bras are designed to be super comfortable to protect the particularly sensitive breast during nursing, with seamless, pre-formed cups on most models. The patented KwikKlip system allows easy opening of the front panel with one hand, keeping your other hand free to hold and protect your baby and on underwired styles a naturally shaping soft under-wiring for a perfect fit and unrestricted milk flow during feeding.

There are some really beautiful nursing bras in the Anita maternity collection, Fleur for example is a consistent best seller and is stunning in new colourway berry.

Cute pink lace bra for breastfeeding with underwire for large breasts

Alternatively if you prefer a plain white nursing bra (and let’s face it ladies there is a place in everyone’s wardrobe for a basic white bra, then the Anita Maternity 5035 is the one for you.

white classic nursing bra with underwire for breast feeding

Winner of a Prima Baby Award this nursing bra has a stretch microfibre nursing frame and back to comfortably accommodate changes in cup size during breast-feeding. The smooth foam cups are lined with luxurious cotton to lay softly against the skin while cleverly concealing any nursing pads from view and the gently padded foam straps ensure that this pretty and feminine nursing bra keeps you relaxed and comfortable during those wonderful bonding moments with your baby. The patented KwikKlip release means that access is simple and easy to do one handed leaving your other hand free to hold and protect your baby.

If you want to find out just why Anita Maternity have been nominated for the Junior Magazine Best Maternity Award then use the stockist finder on our website to introduce yourself to a world of comfort for you and your baby.

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