Cute polka dot print in blue and white on a non wired bra from Rosa Faia with smooth cups

Last time we shared with you two of our favourite new Bra styles for Autumn 2016; Fleur in the enchanting Berry colourway and the exciting new hot pink plunge bra from the Louisa collection.

Lace bra Fleur in a trendy autumns colour berry with underwire for cup sizes B to J

Rosa Faia – Fleur in berry

The underwire bra Louisa in hot pink comes with underwire, semi transparent tull and a hot trenfy fall colour.

Rosa Faia – Louisa in hot pink










Well as fabulous as those are we just couldn’t resist giving you a sneak peek of another must have bra for your Autumn wardrobe. A new bra is something that we will usually spend a fair bit of money on purchasing so we want to make sure that we choose carefully and get properly fitted before we commit to a piece of lace that will be quickly discarded and thrown to the back of the drawer. After all, a bra should be as comfortable and supportive as it is pretty and feminine however sadly, as with so many things, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to choosing a bra.

So let’s take a look at this fun new colourway from the best-selling beautiful Twin Art Bra collection from Rosa Faia which would be a great addition for any of you ladies looking for some new bra inspiration this Fall.

The ultra comfortable Tshirt bra Twin art from Rosa Faia has seamless cups and comes in a new dark blue polka dot design

Rosa Faia -TwinArt in blue iris

The Twin Art collection comprises an underwired bra and a moulded cup soft bra (no wires) and is available in champagne, black and new fashion colour way Blue Iris from November. It is consistently voted the most comfortable bra in our customer’s wardrobes and is the perfect choice for your day to day bra that you can simply ‘grab and go’, knowing that you will be ultra-comfortable all day however busy you are going to be.

Twin bras are seamless which make them extra light and smooth to wear with pre formed moulded cups so perfect to wear under close fitting tops or unforgiving fabrics where you don’t want lace or ribbon to show through. They also feature wide extra-soft tailored straps that are designed to stay in place and spread the pressure across the shoulder which means that they won’t cut in or leave those nasty red marks which some bra straps leave you with. (Incidentally if your bra does leave red marks on your shoulders then it’s a sign that it probably doesn’t fit properly and you need to change it.)

Cute black polka dot bra from Rosa Faia comes in large cup sizes and is the best Tsirt bra for large breasts

Rosa Faia – TwinArt non-wired bra in black

It stands to reason that the softer the fabric used in the manufacture of the garment the more comfortable the bra will be to wear, and it has been said that the Twin Art Bras are so soft they are almost as good as wearing no bra at all. The cups are smooth as already mentioned so there are no seams to chafe or rub the delicate skin and they are double layered for maximum comfort and discretion.

We really think that the new Twin Art in Blue Iris will add a touch of fun to your Autumn bra wardrobe while ensuring that you stay properly supported and fully comfortable throughout the season. Buy two so you have one to wear and one and one to wash and remember to avoid the tumble dryer at all costs. Bras will last longer if they are air dryed.

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