Super comfortable bra from Anita with broad relivinf straps without underwire takes discomfort off the shoulders and neck.

With approximately 80% of the UK female population wearing the wrong sized bra it is no wonder women are walking around everywhere with sore backs and shoulders and simply not feeling they look their best.

Anita UK have been at the forefront of under garments for 125 years and have honed their skills at fitting women with the perfect bra to alleviate stress and strain on the back and shoulder, support the breast and help to make you look and feel your best.

The best advice is to go along to a retailer who will “fit” you with the right size bra. Measuring does not always work as each brand will be slightly different so going to buy a bra with a size in mind and not trying it on may prove to be unsuccessful.

However we all know how busy our lives can be so if you don’t have time to book a slot with a trained fitter at a lingerie shop and simply want to pop in, try on and leave with your new underwear then follow Anita’s top tips for making sure you have the right bra for you.


  1. The bra should lie flat and follow around the circumference of the body in a straight line.
  2. The centre front should sit snugly against the chest wall and separate the breasts. It should not pull forward away from the body
  3. There should be no bulges of breast above the edge of the cup, on profile where the bra finishes the bust should continue on the same line.
  4. There should be no wrinkles evident on the cup of the bra – all over wrinkles mean the cup is too big, whereas space or wrinkling in the nipple area of the cup means the cup is too small.
  5. Bra straps should need only to rest lightly on the shoulders and not dig in and cause redness; it is the structure of the whole bra that should support the breast weight not just the straps.
  6. If a wired bra is worn, the wire should completely encase the breast and not cut into the breast tissue.


Wearing the wrong sized bra can cause many problems for ladies such as indented shoulders if the straps are too thin and tight.

If the straps are not position right on the shoulder this can cause pain and stretch marks digging into the shoulders.

And if the bra is ill-fitting it can leave sore red marks where the material or underwire has dug in.

If the underwire bra does not fit it can dig in and cause pain and discomfort, a comfortable bra can help.

If you would be interested in finding out more about the perfect bra fitting then look up an Anita stockist near you by using the stockist finder.

Anita knows that wearing the right size bra can change the whole outlook a woman has about herself by comments from happy customers like “I cannot believe how amazing I feel after being fitted for the right size. I just didn’t realise I had been wearing the wrong bra for so long!!”

To sum up, how you look in your clothes is directly linked to how well your bra fits you so to avoid those tell-tale lumps and bumps and that hated back-fat, follow our tips for wearing a correctly fitting bra.

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