It isn’t so long ago that any bra would automatically come with an underwire. After all: that was the classic version. Today, however, the choice of beautiful bras is growing on a daily basis. Soft bras – meaning bras without underwire – are now represented in all lingerie shops everywhere. Not surprising, as after all, they are super comfy and practical. Here you’ll find out why you should have a soft bra (or many!) in your underwear drawer.


Super comfy – the soft bra gets top marks for comfort

You’ve been there: The underwire of your bra has punched a hole in the fabric and is now poking your breast. You’ll never have that problem with a soft bra without underwire. The extra soft cups mould around your breasts and still offer the support you want. The Twin soft bra, for example, comes with pre-shaped cups with a double-layer finish for additional comfort. The bra is silky soft and breathable – you’ll forget you’re wearing it at all and it won’t be the first thing you take off when you get home! 😉

Perfect under shirts and tops – bras without underwire

Bras without underwire have another advantage as well: While the classic versions are often clearly visible under tight blouses, shirts and tops, a soft bra doesn’t have an underwire that will create a visible line under your clothes. Even better: choose a model without appliqués, lace or other details. A plain, no-frills bra will virtually disappear under a figure-accentuating garment. My tip: A black T-shirt bra without underwire is always a great choice to wear under dark tops, while a nude bra should be your go-to under a light-coloured shirt.


Bras without underwire are super versatile

There are plenty of models to choose from if you are in the market for a new bra without underwire. Aside from the trusty T-shirt bra, there are plenty of choices with lace and tulle as well. Maybe you’d like a soft bra from the Eve series by Rosa Faia? It is really eye-catching with its cool diamond pattern and the decorative mesh material, plus it comes with a foam cup that is uniquely patented for Anita. Bras without underwire in large sizes, as well as specialist bras with a prosthesis pocket – just like the pretty Orely – round off the range.


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