Anita post surgical swimaera help women affetced with breast cancer to feel confident wearing a breast form at the beach

October is of course Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the UK.


We have already discussed some of the issues facing post-surgical woman on a day to day basis.  These issues only increase when faced with a beach holiday or trip to the spa but these occasions really don’t need to be a problem armed with the right specialist swimwear, prosthesis and accessories.


Let’s be really honest here for a moment. What are our worst fears when swimming after surgery? The idea of someone spotting our breast form in our bikini or swimming costume? Our breast form shifting without us noticing or worse somehow falling out of its pocket? Our prosthesis soaking up too much water and becoming heavy, saggy or otherwise out of shape. All the above and probably a few more go through the minds of most of us using a breast prosthesis but all these worries can be put to rest with a bit of expert help.


First of all let’s talk about the prosthesis, your regular day to day one is unlikely to be very suitable for swimming as it will possibly soak up water, become heavy or just slip about. If you do swim regularly you may wish to consider a special lightweight breast form like the 1054x or 1086 which are specifically developed for swimming and other sport. You can buy these from any Anita Stockist.

Silicone breast form from Anita care for swimming and sports

Asymmetrical breast form for swimming 1084L/R


Symmetrical breast form for Swimming 1054X











These breast forms are up to 25% lighter than a full breast form. As they are not so heavy in the breast pocket they will be more comfortable to wear and won’t feel like they are just ‘hanging’ there. The silicon rib design system was specially formulated to allow water to run off instantly when you get out of the pool and specially incorporated air chambers aid quick drying.


Now if you are a serious swimmer you will want to choose a costume that is suited to lots of moving around so that you can be confident that your breast form is firmly supported and in place. Cardona from Anita Care is a great choice for a swimming costume that needs to work hard and look good. It is pocketed on both sides with adjustable straps and the higher neckline ensures your swim form will stay firmly in place and won’t be visible. The sporty design also creates the illusion of a slimmer waist for a trimmer silhouette.

Post surgical one piece swimming costume in bright pink with a figure slimming effect

Post surgical swimsuit Cardona

If you are on the beach however and want to catch a few of the sun’s rays then there is a fabulous collection of bikinis available to choose from in the Anita Care range. A best seller this year has been the pretty poppy print Mexicali with its adjustable neckline (there is a gathering at the centre front which can be pulled up or down to get the desired height) and 360 degree bust lining. Again pocketed on both sides this bikini looks pretty and fresh and will hold a breast form firmly and discreetly in place. Perfect for soaking up the sunshine and dipping in and out of the sea.

Bikini set with breast form pockets in a red poppy print from Anita care

Post surgical Bikini set Mexicali

If you prefer more coverage though or are simply relaxing at the spa for the day then maybe a tankini is the way to go. Offering the same coverage as a full swimsuit they are much easier to wear for any length of time as comfort breaks do not require the removal of the top half meaning that once in place your breast form won’t move at all for the whole time you are wearing it. Since seaside rest rooms are rarely as pristine as we may like, this is a much better option than wriggling in and out of wet swimming costumes and juggling with a breast form in the process. The other advantage of course is that with the simple addition of a pair of linen trousers your tankini will take you from the beach to the bar!

Post mastectomy tankini set from Anita care with a cute red flower print

Post surgical tankini set Monza


So if you have had surgery recently and are worrying about a holiday please don’t. Find an Anita Care stockist near you using the Stockist finder and you will soon be all set for a fabulous holiday with all your confidence restored.


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