Sandra Geeves at an annual fund raising event representing Anita UK.

An annual UK fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness raised in excess of £3000 last month. Sandra Geeves, one of Anita UK’s sales managers, attended the event of behalf of Anita with one of our lovely retailers, Shirley Allum of Dorchester. The evening, held at the local scout’s hall in Shaftesbury on November the 30th, was arranged by Becky Russell, Roxanne Gail and Heather Sanger in remembrance of a much loved friend who had sadly lost her battle with breast cancer.

The well attended event, which was standing room only, sported a variety of stands with assorted raffle prizes, others offering fun hair extensions in bright pink, bakers displaying a dazzling array of cakes and baked goods as well as a handful of impressive craft stalls all doing a roaring trade throughout the evening.

A real highlight of the evening was an informative and deeply moving talk by Tiggy Walker (wife of the DJ Jonnie Walker) as she relayed her experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2013, her feelings as she travelled through her surgery and treatment and how she’s coping today. You can read more about her experiences here and how it affected her both personally and in her marriage in a photo diary that she shared with the Mail online. Tiggy has since written a book, Unplanned Journey which she was selling on the evening with all proceeds donated to the fund.

Tiggy Walker together with Anita sales representative Sandra Geeve during an annual fund raise for women affected with breast cancer.

Another highlight of the evening was a wonderful local lady who raised money for the fund by having her hair totally shaved off during the evening. She had previously dyed her shoulder length hair bright pink and the well supported stunt raised just over £650 on the night. An amazing young girl of only twelve years old had her hair plaited on the night and then after cutting them off donated her plaits to make children’s wigs for victims of child hood cancer.


Sandra Geeves shared the depth of feeling in the room when she said “All of us at the event were deeply moved by these totally unselfish displays of support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Times like this make us all stop and evaluate what is truly important in life, we desperately want to see an end to this devastating condition that robs so many, otherwise healthy women of their best years”


Earlier in the evening Sandra and the ladies from Shirley Allum ( ) were invited to deliver an introductory talk on stage to introduce the fitting services that the shop & Anita offer to post surgery ladies. The services include bra’s, swimwear and breast prosthesis all personally fitted to each customer as well as advice on how to buy the right bra for their size and shape.


Following the talk each person present was invited to visit the private fitting area where ladies could get themselves properly fitted by Sandra and Shirley who were on hand to offer advice about back and cup sizes, where wires should be sitting for comfort and shape and general fittings. This proved to be a popular idea throughout the evening with several ladies taking advantage of the complete fitting service and many others seeking advice on bra choices and fit.


Many events like this one are held all over the world every year by women for women. Look out for events near you and make sure that you are there to offer your support should the opportunity arise in your home town. If you want to donate to Breast Cancer Awareness you can do so here.







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