So in the UK October is a month we welcome at Anita since it traditionally marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. To be honest we think that every month should mark Breast Cancer Awareness as latest figures show that one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during the course of their lifetime. Most of us either know someone who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer or we have experienced it ourselves.

On a lighter note we are happy that Breast Cancer is being caught earlier and earlier these days with official figures reporting that every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The earlier the condition is caught of course the higher the chances are of successful treatment and recovery.*

Breast Cancer diagnosis and treatment is only the first step on the road to recovery however. Sometimes the emotional and physical effects of recovering after breast cancer can be very hard to deal with. Lack of confidence due to changes to our body after mastectomy are very normal post-surgery, ladies are often left struggling with feelings of insecurity over their new shape and many don’t realise how much correctly fitted specialist lingerie can do to boost confidence and restore their pre-surgery silhouette.

Breast forms for example come in many shapes and sizes for total or partial surgery, with specialist prosthesis even designed for sports activities and swimming. These are lighter to wear and also have grooves running along the back to ensure that water drains away easily from the around the prosthesis when in the pool. Anita Care also offer sports bras that are pocketed for your breast form so there is no need to stop any exercise routines you enjoyed pre surgery and you can also find plenty of swimwear – either luxurious and pretty for the holiday season or sporty and streamlined for your swimming activities.


The Anita care collection offers a wide range of pretty but comfortable lingerie designed especially for the special needs and wishes of women who have undergone breast surgery.

All articles are made of soft, skin-friendly materials. They have a slightly higher-cut, stretch neckline and a wide, soft elastic under-bust band which holds the breast form firmly in place. The straps become wider in the larger sizes to ensure comfortable support.

The collection spans the whole bra wardrobe, including sports bras, t-shirt bras and comfortable bodies through to feminine and lacy. The care range is also supplemented by bras in the Anita comfort and Anita active ranges which can easily be worn as a care bra with the simple addition of a pocket.

There are many ways to ensure that you keep your confidence after having breast surgery and as long as you have selected the right piece for your personal situation you can feel confident in your shape and still enjoy activities like swimming and going on holiday to the beach despite having had surgery.

You can use the Anita Stockist finder to find an Anita Care stockist near you where you should be able to meet with a trained bra fitter experienced in fitting ladies post-surgery with prosthesis and bras.


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