The anita Mix and match program allows to mix any top and bottom style within to create your own bikini look

Are you fed up with this miserable winter weather and planning a cheeky get away? Or perhaps you are pinning your hopes on a luxury cruise to escape the cold? Whatever your ‘getaway’ plans you will probably be thinking about a flattering piece of swimwear to take with you. With such an array of styles and shapes available how do you choose the one that is right for you and your figure?

We have put together some top tips on how to choose the perfect swimsuit or bikini that will be the most flattering for your particular frame and body shape. And don’t forget your cover-ups girls, a carefully placed sarong or wrap will do wonders for your confidence as you stroll along the beach front!


Pear Shaped

If you have a pear shaped body (and this is the most common body shape according to a recent social media survey) then your hips and waist will be wider than your shoulders with your waist being smaller than your hips. If this sounds like you then we recommend that you choose a style with detailing and/or embellishment across the tummy. This will help to both define the waistline and also to balance out the figure. Choosing a swimsuit which is darker at the bottom will also draw the attention away from the hips and towards the upper body which will again balance the silhouette accordingly.

Three diffferent swimsuit and bikini styles to define the waistline, perfectly  suitable for a pear shaped body from Rosa Faia and Anita


Apple Shaped

Another very common body shape is the Apple, (your shoulders are broad and your hips small). In this case you will want to balance your figure by drawing attention to your bottom half. This look can be achieved by selecting a swimsuit with the main pattern, embellishment or detail on the lower part, keeping the top half in a solid colour or a smaller print than the lower half. Halter necks are particularly useful as well, appearing to narrow the shoulder, as the eye is drawn into the neck.

Perfect bikinis and bodysuits for apple shaped bodies as they have a slimming effect


Oval Shaped

Perhaps you are more oval shaped with a fuller bust and shoulders and a more rounded waist and hips. A deep V necked style can work well here as well as halter necks (choose an underwired style for support) which would suit your shape very well. The bottom should have a fuller coverage.

Style wise it’s all about the bust area with lots of detail to give the impression of a smaller waistline. Try and keep the lower half of the costume in a block colour, this can be easily achieved with a mix and match bikini of course.

Pretty bikinis and swisuits for an oval body shape who stretch otically from Rosa Faia collection 2016


Box Shaped

If you have a box shaped body then your hips, waist and shoulders will all be around the same width. To simulate a smaller waistline try wearing a swimsuit with drapery or shirring around the waist and tummy area. This will give you a curvier look. Another good option would be the tankini. If you have a long torso the tankini cleverly appears to shorten the torso area.

Pretty swimsuits for large sozed which make a box shaped body type look good from Anita comfort


Large Cups

If you are blessed with a curvy bust line you will need a well-fitting and supportive bikini top. Underwired balconette styles are very good and will support and shape the bust. Halter necks can be fine as long as they are not string types which can very easily leave you showing off more than you bargained for! Also less is more when it comes to patterns as large prints will distort your proportions and leave you looking a little top heavy.

Fashionable bikinis and swimsuits for large cup sizes with great support from Rosa Faia collection 2016


Narrow Hips

The simple addition of a sarong tied over a bikini gives the appearance of wider hips resulting in a more balanced silhouette. You can choose whichever shapes and patterns you like really but a patterned bottom will always look wider than a plain if you don’t have a preference.

Pretty bikinis with brigh prints perfectly suited for narrow hips from Rosa Faia and Anita comfort


Maternity Tip

Tankinis are great for pregnant mum’s to be who want to soak up the sun on one last holiday before baby comes. They look great and are comfortable to wear since they are not restrictive on the tummy. A real ‘Beach to bar’ garment, a tankini top can easily serve for evening wear by adding a pair summery trousers in a co-ordinating colour. That means less packing too!

cute Tankinis for expectant moms during maternity and pregancy to go swimming from Anita maternity

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