Customer care training on Anita gaments for the online store figleaves covering nursing bras and mastectomy bras.

We blogged last month about the Anita training programs for underwear retailers that are run regularly throughout the UK and Europe. Each month there are various courses running on different aspects of the Anita products including how to fit and choose the correct product for each person whether that is for Maternity, Post-surgery, Sport and Leisure or simply general everyday bras.

Early in November a three part training course was run for the customer service team at the online lingerie specialists Figleaves.Anita UK general Manager Jemma Barnes attended the Etailers offices in Haverhill Suffolk where three groups of ladies undertook two hour training sessions on Maternity/Nursing bras and Care (post-surgical) choices.

The training included a discussion of the changes to a woman’s body during each trimester of pregnancy and the needs these changes produce in terms of her changing body and breasts both during pregnancy and nursing. The delegates studied the recommended products and what the benefits and suitability of each bra were along with fitting tips and general advice for a pregnant customer in choosing the best maternity and then nursing bra. This knowledge and advice is particularly important for an Etailer to be able to offer a customer as the product selected is not going to be tried on in front of the fitter but tested at home.

Nursing bra Fleur with sexy black lace comes without underwires and is easy to open for breast feeding.

The Care training for post-surgical customers looking for bras included information on the rates of diagnosis for each area of the breast as well as current rates of diagnosis in the UK and recommended types of surgery. The delegates discussed available after care provided by the hospitals and the patients lingerie needs immediately post-surgery for both partial and full mastectomy. They also covered the differing needs once the healing processes have taken place and the panel discussed the everyday bra wardrobe choices available to post surgery ladies.

Post mastectomy bra Safina in dark blue is a pretty comfortable bra with breast form pockets on both sides.

Leigh Janson from Figleaves said this about the Training:

“The training was fantastic. Jemma is so incredibly passionate about the topic and infused us with the same sense of fervent desire to ensure that ladies going through maternity or post operation phases of their life get the best possible information and support from our customer service team.

We deal with customers via phone calls, email and web chat and offer fitting and style advice as well as guidance on what they should be doing during their pregnancy and nursing stages or pre/post surgery.

With the information provided by Jemma we are now well equipped to offer all the technical advice as well as having a far better understanding of the emotional path these ladies may be facing. She has also instilled that same enthusiasm within the team and I have no doubt that the girls will be able to offer the best possible advice and support possible.”

Post mastectomy bra Lisa comes has two built in breast form pockets

Jemma Barnes said

“It was a pleasure to train the teams at Figleaves – each and every one of the attendees really engaged fully in the session , asking questions and really wanting to understand their customers’ needs and how they could offer the best help, their enthusiasm and willingness to learn was really refreshing and leaves me confident that they will implement their new knowledge and skills in their everyday roles.”

Anita would like to thank the Figleaves team for hosting and participating in our training and wish them every success for the year ahead.


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