Get your summer body with side crunches, boxing champion CHristina Hammer shows how to do it right

Christina Hammer has achieved the accolade of  Women’s Boxing World Champion 4 x over. Here she reveals her most effective work out tips to get prepared for summer 2017.

Boxing world champion Christina reveals her fitness program: Get in shape with rope skipping

Rope skipping

In the boxing sector rope skipping has long been a popular training exercise for increasing endurance, coordination and agility. This exercise is especially effective at improving high-speed strength and bounce. Rope skipping represents a classic Fitness Exercise. Its possible to do almost anywhere with a simple skipping rope and it offers great results!

  • Strength: Rope skipping strenghtens the leg muscles and shapes the shoulders
  • Fun: Rope skipping trains the coordination and pushes yourself to your limits
  • Energy: particularly effective training of the cardiovascular system

10 minutes of rope skipping is as effective as 30 minutes of jogging!


Boxing champion Hristina Hammer shows how to correctlly execute side lunges to get in shape for summer

Side lunges

No gym? No problem! If you’re looking for an effective exercise to train your buttocks and inner and outer thighs a side lunge is a good choice.


Correct execution:

Place your feet hip-width apart, the upper body is in an upright and fully extended position, the abdominal muscles are tensed and the chest is pointing forwards. Now make a lateral step. The executing leg is bent in the knee section while the other leg stays in place feeling a stretch. The knee points into the same direction as the toe. At the end of the movement remain in this position for a short moment and bring back the body into the starting position, extending through the working leg.


Triceps Dips

Boxing champion Christina hammer explains how to cerrectly execute tricep dips

This Fitness Exercise mainly strengthens the triceps. We see this exercise in all gyms. The training effectiveness of this exercise is very high due to the strength that is required to move your own body weight making a correct triceps dip.

Correct execution:
To strengthen the triceps you should keep the upper body upright and looking straight ahead stretch the legs as far as possible.. The elbows stay close to the body throughout the exercise, refrain from moving them to the side.
Your lower back is in a slight hollow back position to avoid unnecessary load on the spinal discs during the movement. Start the execution by lowering the body during inhalation through controlled bending of the arms. When lower and upper arm make an angle of 90 degrees, you have reached the end of this movement phase.

Breathing out you come back into the starting position. Your arms should be slightly bent and thereby not be completely stretched throughout the exercise.


Side Crunches

Get your summer body with side crunches, boxing champion CHristina Hammer shows how to do it right

Side crunches support the transverse and lateral abdominal muscles. The athlete is positioned in a supine position. The arms are located at both sides of the head.

Correct execution:

Lie on your back with your legs stretched out in front. The arms are bent and the fingers of the hands are touching the left and right side of the back of your head. The elbow must face towards the left and right in such a way that both upper arms form an imaginary line through the upper body. Now lift the stretched legs slightly off the ground.

Lift the shoulder blades off the floor and bring the right (left) chest toward the left (right) knee by crunching the torso. At the same time bend the left (right) leg and move the knee towards the right (left) chest.

Inhale while lowering your upper body back to the rear and stretch out your leg from an angled position into the front. Continue this exercise with the other leg and the opposite of the chest.


Push ups

Christina Hammer preparing for summer with one handed push ups

The pushup is an absolute classic fitness evergreen and an excellent exercise to strengthen the torso and arms without the help of any fitness equipment.

Correct execution:

  • Your body forms a straight line
  • Maintain body tension throughout the complete movement: the arms are under tension, as well as chest, abdomen and back
  • Slow, fully controlled repetitions are more effective than fast and short ones which often lead to incorrect executions

Particularly exhausting but therefore especially effective: one-armed push-ups. But we admit: this is an exercise for advanced athletes.


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