Thankfully the days are long since past when a girls underwear drawer consisted of two or three plain white (or probably greying let’s be honest) bras and a few stripy pairs of knickers bought in a multi pack from the local grocery store. One of Anita team at school in the early 80’s remembers when she and her friends used to tuck their bra straps into their summer tops because no one owned a strapless bra and absolutely no one at all wore a sports bra. School Girls with more generous curves used to wear two bras through PE lessons to try and stop everything jiggling about too much. Needless to say that didn’t work very well…

These days we have lots of choice in underwear and with all the clever advancements in design we can choose from heaps of styles many of which we might even wear all within the same week. So here goes with a little reminder of two different types of bras that you might want to think about before you next do your bra shopping.

Full Cup Underwired

Full Cup bras do what the name suggests. They cover the whole bust and offer comfortable support to the whole breast with an underwire sewn in for structure. Clara from the Anita since 1886 collection is a good example of a full cup underwired bra. This is fairly smooth bra as well so would work well under less forgiving fabrics as it won’t show through.

The Comfort bra Lucia has everything that women, who look for an underwire bra for shape and stability could ever want – a great alternative for soft bras. The ingenious combination of shape, cut and material offers secure support right up to an F cup, while the cute little bow on the bridge rounds off the elegant design.


Non Wired Bra

The non-wired bra has really grown in popularity over the past few years with sales through department stores soaring in the UK. Particularly suitable for growing teenagers, women who have had breast surgery or just find underwired bras uncomfortable the non-wired bra is just as supportive as its underwired sister despite its reputation.

Havanna by Anita since 1886 is a particularly pretty non-wired bra that simply must be seen on.

Floral, stretch lace with soft, airy tulle lends this bra a stylish retro look and elegantly curved lines on the three-section cup together with delicate lace create a breath taking sexy yet understated neckline. The combination of lace and sturdy microfibre charmeuse ensures excellent support and shaping, right through to the larger sizes while the back, made from strong, stretch fabric provides additional support.


If you have been concerned that you won’t get the support you need from a non-wired bra think again! We really encourage you to try a couple of different styles on at your local lingerie store (check out the Anita Stockist Finder here) and see how comfortable and surprisingly supportive the Anita since 1886 non-wired bras are. There are also styles that are superb for sleeping in if you struggle getting comfortable at night without a bra.

Whichever bra you choose remember, get it properly fitted and look after it by handwashing only to prolong its life and productivity.


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