Many riders mistakenly feel that a sports bra is an unnecessary luxury and in the current financial climate decide to save their money for other more ‘essential’ pieces of kit. Some are perhaps under the common misconception that a well-fitting regular bra will do the same job so why spend the money?

Anita Saddle pants avoid chafing while horse back riding

Anita active – sports bra air control

However horse riding, (like other high impact sports), results in a lot of vertical chest movement and without proper support from a specially made undergarment this can become very uncomfortable for the rider and result in lasting and irreversible damage to the breast tissue.

The breast is made up of fatty tissue, not muscle and once it is damaged or stretched, no amount of exercise can help the breast to regain its original firmness and condition.  It is worth bearing in mind that any form of riding that is faster than walking is considered high impact therefore the wearing of a well fitted supporting sports bra is essential.

Sports scientists have discovered in tests that a supporting sports bra prevents ‘bouncing’, and therefore stretching, of the sensitive breast tissue by 74 per cent, while a normal bra only compensates by 38 per cent. That’s a huge difference!

The fit is also very important. According to one UK lingerie retailer over 70% of us are wearing the wrong size bra and this can be as detrimental as not wearing a bra at all. A common mistake is to choose a bra that is too large in the back in order to find a cup size that fits. This can cause lumps and bumps under clothes, create on-going posture problems, general discomfort and red marks on the skin when the bra is removed. It is sensible therefore to visit a reputable lingerie store and get accurately fitted (not measured) before buying any new bras.

So which Sports-Bra should you choose?

As a leading lingerie manufacturer Anita has been at the forefront of designing and producing sports bras for over 15 years.

Anita active sports bras have outstanding functionality in comparison to other sport bras. Comprehensive preliminary tests guarantee an excellent fit and optimum support for all sporting activities, even in the larger cup sizes. The bras are made of breathable and temperature-regulating fabrics which guarantee the skin remains dry. Our high-performance sports bras support, shape and encompass the breast so well that it remains stable even when doing strenuous exercises such as horse riding which is particularly important for women with larger busts. All items are developed and made on Anita’s own premises in Germany which mean that the quality control is second to None.

The momentum Sports Bra from Anita active is ideal for riders of all ages and cup sizes. Minimising movement even through the larger cup sizes it features fully adjustable, padded support straps to help alleviate neck strain and is made from a breathable high-tech fabric to ensure that moisture is wicked away from the skin and the wearer remains cool and comfortable throughout her ride. Flat seams and seamless cups ensure no rub or discomfort where the bra touches the Skin.

For more info on Anita stockists please check the stockist finder on our Website.

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