My dear ladies, Today it was that time again, we had a new volunteer arrive for a bra fitting. We are always happy to welcome new models for measuring as it gives us a valuable opportunity to train our fitters to measure and fit the perfect size bra.

The lady was beautifully dressed and looked fabulous but it was immediately obvious when looking at her that she was wearing the completely wrong size bra. Her breasts were literally spilling out over the cups which were clearly visible through her sweater. If this is a problem that you have encountered then let us examine some of the reasons that could be causing it to happen.

If the breast swells from the cup only at one point, then it may be that it is not sitting properly within the bra cup. When putting on a bra you should always lean forwards slightly and wiggle your chest into the cups before doing up the back. This should ensure that the breast sits neatly encased within the cup.

In the event that the breast swells completely out of the Cup and just doesnt want to stay in at all, then you should try a larger cup size. If you were perhaps wearing a 34C for example you could try a 34D.

Initially this will seem a bit unusual, because now the breast will be encased within the cup and not forced out above it. This results in quite a different look and of course will also feel strange at first. You might feel that your chest does not have sufficient support since the breast is not being so compressed but that is not the case. It’s really just a matter of getting used to it. Remember what it was like switching from high waisted jeans to low rise? They felt so odd to start with but we soon got used to them, it will be the same with your bra! That’s it for today folks!

  1. Hi Kristina,

    Wearing the proper size of bra is really very important not just for us to be comfortable but also for our safety. Thank you for sharing your article. I find it useful. Keep on posting significant articles. Thanks!

  2. Proper & good bra is very important for ladies , as breast is a most beautiful and attractive part of women’s life. I think according to dress we should choose bra and also comfortability is must.

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