The ideal bra from Rosa faia to form the perfect cleavage under any dirndl dress

Are you planning to attend the 183rd Munich Oktoberfest this year? The festival will run from 17 September to 03 October 2016 and will attract over 500 different businesses who will all be exhibiting their mouth-watering wares of coffee, cake, cocktails and of course a wondrous variety of beer in the fourteen specially laid on beer tents.


If you are getting ready to visit Oktoberfest then you will want to make sure you look the part. The Dirndl is the traditional Bavarian costume worn by ladies at the festival and there are any number of outlets where you can order your dress. Whether you wear it short and sexy or long and traditional you will look the part and be sure to enjoy your time at the Oktoberfest.


There are a couple of helpful and amusing pointers listed on the official Oktoberfest website regarding the wearing of the Dirndl that you might want to take into account. It seems that the question of where you tie the bow on your Dirndl apron is far more important that you may realise. The bow position serves to tell the male visitors to the festival whether or not you would welcome their approach! And apparently they WILL be taking note.


Anita has the right underwear for every dirndl dress


If the bow is tied on the left then you are indicating that you are single and would like to meet someone. If it is tied on the right then you are telling them that you are in a relationship and do not want any uninvited male attention.


If it is tied at the front in the middle then you are sending mixed messages although traditionally you are saying that you are a virgin. If its tied at the back then the message is either that you are widowed or that you are a waitress! Mistaking either of those could be awkward! As you can see it is an important issue!


Also since Dirndl is all about that impressive cleavage you will want to get your underwear just right. Traditional Dirndl requires a good uplift bra to get the right silhouette and Dirndl décolleté, your day to day bra or even a good strapless just isn’t going to cut it and the whole outfit can lose its impact if your cleavage isn’t quite right!


Edelweiss Balconette Bra from Rosa Faia is a good choice of Dirndl bra as it provides that perfect lift and support needed to get the neckline looking just right. If you have spent money on your Dirndl costume (and some of them are extremely expensive) then its worth paying a little extra to ensure that the underpinning is correct.


Super pretty embroidered balcony bra edelweiss from Rosa Faia the perfect dirndl underwear

Edelweiss – Rosa Faia


The romantic design and flirty details of Edelweiss by Rosa Faia perfectly compliment the feminine cut and style of the Dirndl costume making it the ideal underpinning and giving you the confidence that your Oktoberfest silhouette is spot on. The translucent tulle and ornamental embroidery combined with the delicate straps and a Swarovski charm will make you feel beautiful from the skin out.


So whatever you are doing at the Munich Oktoberfest this year make sure you do in in style! Dirndl style…

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