We all have our favourite decade, usually a throw back to our teens when our fashion sense was at its peak and we couldn’t bear the thought of being caught by our friends wearing anything that wasn’t super trendy and up to the minute.

Like our mothers always told us though, fashion goes in cycles and if you keep your clothes long enough they will actually come back into style. If the current 90’s revival is anything to go by then it seems our mothers were correct! Vintage logo t-shirts, denim overalls and Doc Martens are back in a big way this year and all fit effortlessly into the new grungier style adopted by the current trendies.

Harpers Bazaar tells us that the super popular nineties BOB, made so desirable by the likes of Victoria Beckham,  is also back, blunt sharp and angular is the look to go for apparently.

So if the nineties was your era, this is the year to enjoy all those styles of your youth!

Gypsie Island – Rosa Faia

Rosa faia bikini, tankini and onepiece in batik print


Twenty years however is a long time to keep your underwear and swimwear and we actually rather hope that you haven’t since it’s unlikely to be in a wearable state!  If you are a fan of the 90’s edgy styles you’ll be delighted to know that Rosa Faia have designed a stunning 90’s inspired swim collection especially for you.

The Gypsy Island Batik print range from Rosa Faia  includes a costume fitting up to a G Cup, two different bikini’s which fit up to an F cup and a wrap and cover up in matching print. The blue denim style colourway with its white stripes is flattering to most skin tones and the Cosima bikini top has removable straps so you wear it as an optional bandeau for optimum tan lines and sunbathing.

Extreme control – Anita AcitveAnnita active sports bra in denim blue 5527

Not just that but for those of you who like to stay on trend at the gym, the Anita Active 5527 Extreme Control sports bra is also available in a nostalgic denim, a real nod to the denim clad nineties that looks fab worn on its own as a statement or under a drop back vest.

Momentum – Anita active

High impact sports bra Anita active denim blue


The Anita Active momentum sports bra (5529) is also available in a fab silver blue colourway if you want to go slightly more chic but keep the 90’s feel.  Remember to get fitted properly though girls if you are going to buy a news sports bra or you’ll be bouncing all over the treadmill!

So to sum up, if you want to try the vintage Nineties look this summer without too much effort, get your hair cut into a sleek bob, add a fringe, and slip into a Rosa Faia Batik printed bikini! Job done!


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