Many women feel a little hesitant when it comes to choosing swimwear after a mastectomy. Feeling body conscious and often with low self-confidence many ladies tell us that they couldn’t imagine getting back into a swimming costume, much less a bikini, after their breast surgery. Anita takes great pleasure in restoring the confidence of ladies who have undergone breast surgery by providing a wide range of well-fitting fashion forward swimwear and prostheses (breast forms) to get them back on the beach as soon as possible.

The Anita care range includes swimming costumes and bikinis with co-ordinating cover ups and beach bags as well as specialist light weight breast forms suitable for swimming.

The collection is made up of high-quality garments offering excellent functionality and first-class comfort. The swimwear styles are specifically designed to meet the special needs of women who have undergone breast surgery and guarantee a secure and confident fit. Sophisticated drapes and gathered sections conceal and highlight the figure in all the right places. There are swimsuits for active, frequent swimmers, one-piece swimsuits in different styles, a charming, new sweetheart neckline with moulded cup, youthful, trendy and elegant bikini models with well-thought-out functional details and tankinis that can be adjusted to suit the wearer. The tankini has the advantage that once it’s on you don’t have to remove the top part (and risk dislodging your prosthesis) during any rest breaks. It can even take you form beach to bar with the simple addition of some trousers for the evening.

Let’s start with serious swimming. If you enjoy swimming as your regular exercise choice your swim suit probably needn’t be too dissimilar to the one you used before surgery. The basic difference is that it will be pocketed to hold a breast form (prosthesis) and possibly be slightly higher necked to conceal any scarring. There is a wide choice available with new styles being added regularly. Use the stockist finder on the site to find an Anita care stockist near you and see what they have available…below are some of our latest styles.

If you do swim regularly you may also wish to consider a special lightweight breast form like the 1082X or 1084L/R which are specifically developed for swimming and other sport.

These breast forms are up to 25% lighter than a full breast form meaning they are not as heavy when they get wet and will be more comfortable in the breast pocket. The patented construction was especially developed to allow water to run off instantly when leaving the water by a system of silicon ribs. Air chambers ensure that the skin dries quickly.


What about the beach though? You may not want to wear a full costume on the beach, many of us prefer a bikini to relax in and catch a little sunshine and there’s no reason for that to change post-surgery. We have many different styles colours and shapes to choose from so there should be something for everyone whatever type of surgery you have had. Anita also make separate flaps so if you had your heart set on a bikini from the Rosa Faia collection for instance, you can simply request that a flap be added discreetly to the lining of the cup for a breast form to fit into.


Finally a word for cover-ups, kaftans, pareos, sarongs whatever your preferred style of cover up. These are great to wear over a swimsuit on the beach and can offer shade from the sun if your skin is sensitive after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Whether you have had a full mastectomy or partial surgery there is a wide range of bikini’s and costumes for you to choose from in the Anita care collection. Try a few different styles to see what suits you best and don’t forget to move about a bit before hitting the beach to ensure everything is firmly in place!

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