Anita maternity wear and Rebelt Panty supports the tissue after caesarian section to heal and holds it together

A ReBelt Panty is the latest maternity product from Anita Maternity. Tailored specifically for post-natal recovery the new ReBelt Panty is a compression garment that supports the tummy muscles after giving birth in a gentle, natural way and shapes the entire tummy, hip and bottom region.


If you have had a caesarean section you will have a surgical wound to consider afterwards and proper support takes on even more importance. Your midwife will give you specific advice on how to care for your scar but the key things for all abdominal surgery are to rest as much as possible, avoid direct pressure or over exertion on and around the wound and to keep it clean of course.


A compression garment works to support and hold the tummy in, offering a 360 degree support for the abdomen and improving posture. Wounds are proven to heal better when compressed, (think about when you slice your finger open on a paper cut, you hold the cut firmly to help it knit back together and stop it opening up) and its surprising how reassuring it is to feel your scar is firmly supported and wont burst apart when you are moving around. Simple actions like bending over to pick up your baby could result in the scar opening up if it’s not properly supported. A compression garment helps to hold it firmly together and gives you more confidence undertaking those day to day activities that are difficult to avoid after child birth even if you are taking it as easy as possible.

White compression panty from Anita maternity to help regain shape and support the scary tissue after giving birth

Another obvious benefit of the ReBelt panty is the immediate slimming effect as it pulls in the tummy and improves your posture. Even simply standing more upright will give you the appearance of being slimmer and after delivery every woman needs a little help with that! The ReBelt panty holds all the muscles in place aiding a speedy recovery and many women say that wearing a compression garment after child birth helps them to regain their pre-pregnancy figure more quickly than they would have done otherwise. Your clothes will hang better and fit better giving you some much needed confidence at what is often a very emotional time.


There are plenty of stories on the internet of celebrity mothers who say they have worn a compression garment for up to two months night and day and who claim it helped them to snap back into shape. Jessica Alba was quoted by the Daily Mail saying that she wore hers for three months and Brooke Burke likewise credited her post baby figure to a compression garment.

The white compression panty from Anita maternity helps the scars to heal after caesarian section

The front section of the Anita ReBelt Panty is double layered to provide firm support. It is made of a breathable satin material which not only shapes but also stays super comfortable throughout the day and it has an adjustable hook and eye fastener to ensure the optimum fit. You can also use that to tighten the garment as you lose weight and your tummy flattens again after delivery.


Why not check out an Anita stockist near you using the link on our website and order yours now!

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