Fitting class for post mastectomy bras and breast forms for Rigby and peller in London at Anita care

Anita International has always been dedicated to ensuring its customers enjoy the best customer service possible and has a special interest in supporting ladies who find themselves undergoing breast surgery. At this difficult time in a woman’s life, Anita knows that little things can make a huge difference and having trained and knowledgeable lingerie and breast-form fitters is one of those things that can go a long way to restoring mind and body confidence post-surgery.

For that reason, Anita takes a vested interest in working closely with its retail partners to ensure that they have a good understanding of both the Breast care products that Anita offer and also how to best fit and use them. One way that this is accomplished is through the Anita training programmes that are held throughout the year both at the Head offices is Kuftstein and also in its regional offices around Europe. The training days aim to ensure that all those in attendance, be they breast care nurses, retailers or bra fitters, are properly trained to correctly size, fit and dress post-surgical ladies with breast forms and lingerie.Training Day Anita care and Rigby & Peller

The UK branch of Anita hosted one such training day on the 1st of September and welcomed 14 members of leading UK lingerie retailer “Rigby & Peller” through its doors for the full day Anita Care Seminar.

Jemma Barnes, general manager of Anita UK said “We really enjoy working with our customers on these quarterly training days, it’s important that our customers know we are here to support them at all stages of the post-surgery journey and these training days benefit us all. The customers get an opportunity to feedback to us and discuss any fitting problems they may have encountered and in turn, they receive up to the minute product training and fitting advice”Training DayRigby and Peller at Anita

The course, which was delivered by Jemma Barnes, took the delegates through the patient’s entire surgical journey from the day of surgery through to healing, recovery and then adjusting afterwards. There is absolutely no reason for any post-surgical lady to feel a lack of confidence about her curves as if she is properly fitted with the correct prosthesis and bra /swimwear combinations no one ever needs to know the difference between her pre and post-surgical figure. The course sets out to ensure that everyone is aware of the different products available to achieve this and included information on the following topics:

  • The History & Uniqueness of Anita as a company
  • Bra & Prosthesis recommendations for both full and partial Breast Surgery
  • Workshops and demonstrations on correctly sizing and fitting breast prosthesis
  • Workshops and demonstrations on choosing and sizing flaps for bras and swimwear
  • Prosthesis manufacture
  • A discussion on the risks of Lymphoedema along with explanations and methods of prevention.

A spokesperson from Rigby & Pellor said:

Anita Care training is very important in today’s world, it is important to Rigby & Peller to provide a service for every women, especially those who have been exposed to breast cancer. Anita Care gives our staff the opportunity to provide outstanding customer service through expert knowledge and to also offer a special curated product to support our customers through such an emotional journey.

If you are an Anita stockist and would like more information about our training programs for retailers please contact us through the website and we will be happy to tell you more about them. If you are an Anita customer and would like to find an Anita stockist please use the stockist finder on the website to locate an Anita Stockist near you.

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