mst comfortable seamless tshirt bra in nude colours

Or right clothes at least… you really can’t use the same bra for everything you wear even if you‘d like to think you can. For one thing there is the colour, the jury remains out on whether it is acceptable to wear a black bra under a white shirt for instance, but either way the chances are that you are going to need black, skin tone and probably a white bra in your wardrobe to effectively service all of your different coloured outfits.

Then you need to consider the style of the clothes. Again a bra with straps worn with a vest or a strapless top doesn’t really look that great.  So if you like your shoulders bare for that sun kissed natural look in the summer then you are going to need a strapless bra as well. It’s probably best to buy that in skin tone as you can wear that under everything and it will remain invisible unless you will use it a lot and want to buy two in which case a black one is also good to have.

If you choose the new Strapless from Rosa Faia then you will be increasing your strapless bra’s wearability as it also doubles up as a halter neck which is super useful as well as a cross back thanks to its clever multi way straps.

Strapless underwire bra with concealing cups is the perfect solution under dresses with halterneck, cut away or shoe string dress and stays up with strong support thanks to silicone strips.

Rosa Faia – Strapless Padded Basic


Another thing to consider is the fabric and design of the bra and whether it will show through under your clothes. IF you are wearing a T-Shirt for instance then a smooth bra is your best choice as otherwise you will get lumpy and uneven lines on the T-Shirt from the pattern on the cup. So a smooth T-Shirt Bra is a must-have option for your drawer (don’t forget to consider colour at this stage too). We love the super comfortable best-selling Twin Seamless Underwired bra which comes in Black/White and a range of skin tone colours making it the perfect choice for unforgiving fabrics. The new Josephine is also a great choice if you prefer a little pattern with its fashionable houndstooth print and smooth finish.


Twin Seamless Tshirt Bra

Rosa Faia – Twin

Smooth purple tshirt bra

Rosa Faia – Josephine















You will undoubtedly want a pretty bra or two in the mix as well. How about our newest styles Vienna and Louisa for a touch of glamour in your underwear drawer? The intricate floral embroidery on semi sheer tulle will make you feel ultra feminine all day even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing it!


Underwire bra with Lace

Rosa Faia – Louisa

Rosa Faia embroidered underwire bra Vienna

Rosa Faia – Vienna















Another bra worth a mention is a good sleep bra. If you have ever suffered with painful breasts at night you will be amazed at what a difference wearing a sleep bra to bed will make to your getting a good comfortable night’s sleep.  You should never go to bed in an underwired bra ladies, the underwire could push into your chest when you play down and result in more discomfort than not wearing one at all. Sleep bras need to be soft and supportive like the ones below.

Isra sleeping bra

Anita Care – Isra

Calmia super smooth sleeping bustier

Anita Care – Calmia
















We hope we have made the point well enough ladies that you cannot manage with just one bra even in a couple of colours and that’s before we even start on sports bras, maternity bras, post-surgery bras and other specialist products. If your bra wardrobe Needs a revamp then check out our Anita stockist finder and look for a shop near you.



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