Our twin collection has several seamless every day bras that have broad straps and come in large sizes and for big cups.

We all know that feeling of getting home from work and wanting to literally rip your bra off and throw it across the room. The straps are digging in, the under bust band is cutting off your air supply and it is generally feeling super uncomfortable. Generally speaking ladies this means you are wearing an ill fitting bra, probably in the wrong size and possibly badly designed. No wonder you can’t wait to take it off!

What is the answer then we hear you ask?

Rosa Faia tshirt bra collection in nude colour shades

Rosa Faia – Twin underwired and non-wired bra

After all, we have to wear a bra and we have to wear one for at least two thirds of the day so what should we be looking for when we choose a day to day bra? There is a multitude of bra fitting advice out there but the best way to get a properly fitted bra is to visit a specialist lingerie shop and get fitted. Note we said fitted and not measured, that’s the cause of most badly fitting bras in our opinion. Old fashioned measuring techniques developed when bras were made of less forgiving fabrics result in the majority of women wearing bras that are too large at the back. So get yourself to a reputable lingerie shop and get fitted. Rigby & Pellor for example offer a first rate fitting service that will establish the correct size you should be wearing. We can virtually guarantee it won’t be the size you think you are.

twin white

Rosa faia – Twin wired and non-wired bra

Next let’s think about your choice of bra. Anita have been making bras for over 120 years with comfort being right at the top of their priority list. Here in the UK, the best selling Rosa Faia bras by a mile are from the Twin collections (ahem…coincidentally sold at Rigby & Pellor) and they are so comfortable to wear they have been affectionately dubbed ‘Slippers for Boobs’ here at the office. The effortlessly soft and comfortable bras come in black, white, Ivory and nude (check back later in the year for news of additional exciting new skin tone colours) and are available in both wired and wire free styles to suit your preference. So what makes this such a comfy bra then you are wondering? Let us tell you about it. We will start with the wire as this is a common problem for many women. It digs in, it comes loose at the ends and literally stabs you in the rib cage or it just doesn’t sit properly, even worse riding up and trapping part of the breast. Not so with the artfully crafted Twin bra which features an ergonomically C shaped flexible wire, much more suited to the natural curve of the breast bone and designed to behave itself and lay flat against the chest.

Soft and seamless tshirt bra without underwire in nude colour

Rosa Faia – Twin non-wired bra

It goes without saying of course that the C wire is safely encased in a super soft microfibre and won’t be popping out for a quick stab anytime soon. Next under scrutiny are the straps. Another bone of contention for many ladies when badly fitted or positioned they can dig in, cause deep red indentations and make your shoulder ache or even just keep slipping off altogether. The Twin bras feature wide extra-soft tailored straps that are designed to stay in place and spread the pressure across the shoulder. Finally we look at fabric and seams. The softer the fabric the more comfortable the bra, and the Twin collection is so soft it feels almost like wearing no bra at all. The cups are smooth, no seams to chafe or rub and double layered for maximum comfort and discretion under even close fitting tops. All of this holds true across the non wired bra as well as the pretty patterned versions in the collection.   So ladies, if your bra is making you uncomfortable then maybe it’s time for a change Here at Anita we feel your pain… but you don’t have to!!

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