In an ideal world every woman could waltz into a lingerie store whatever her bra size and waltz back out again with the bra of her choice having considered nothing more than whether she likes the style and if it fits her or not. We could all wear airy lace concoctions with shoe string straps or fabulous half cup balcony bras that make us feel a million dollars. We would never have to reluctantly turn away from the colourful rails of fashionable fun and frivolous bras to look amongst the collections of neutrals that are more suited to our needs.

The reality is though ladies that a bra is not just a pretty accessory, it actually performs an essential and important task and the bra we choose will depend on many different whys and wherefores. Cup size is a very strong factor in determining our style for instance. While we may long for the frothy sheer scraps of barely there nothing that our much envied A and B cup contemporaries can wear with ease, the cost of our womanly curves is that we must look after and support them properly. Breast tissue once damaged sadly cannot be repaired and this is definitely not something we want to learn through experience.

Added to that we may have other considerations, we may have mobility issues, (frozen shoulder, arthritis or other back pain) or perhaps we have undergone breast surgery in the past and underwires are now uncomfortable for us to wear, perhaps irritating sensitive scar tissue.

We have highlighted three bras below that provide solutions for those of you who don’t find bra shopping as simple as you’d like due to the reasons we already mentioned above. Trust us you are absolutely not on your own with that!

The first is for ladies who are struggling to put on a bra at all due to mobility issues. We mentioned frozen shoulder earlier, a condition which causes chronic painful stiffness of the shoulder joint and can make reaching around your back to do up a bra strap incredibly painful and virtually impossible. Since we no longer live in the Downton Abbey era where we can enlist the help of our ladies maid in dressing, Meggie is a wonderful solution!

The revolutionary design offers virtually hands free fastening through a series of special magnets that close the bra by attracting together magnetically as the wearer pushes their breasts together with their upper arms. This will transform the process of getting dressed in the morning for thousands of women worldwide who struggle to do up a bra in the usual way. Watch the video for a demonstration and see how easy this bra is to put on.

The next bra we want to highlight is Safina. If you feel you need a bit of extra support this bra is ideal, the anatomically shaped underbust band prevents pressure on the stomach while the beautiful floral embroidered 3-section cup is designed to lift your bust line. An elasticated upper cup edge ensures a close fit to your chest wall, giving you an exceptional fit. The straps are softly padded and wider than other straps to alleviate tension – an ideal choice if you have lymphoedema.The wire free longline bra Mylena has a front fastener and its wide straps prevent from straps cutting in the shoulders.

Our final bra is Mylena, a longline bra which makes it easy to dress and undress with its front fastening. Padded, wide support straps do not cut in and are diagonally stabilised on the shoulders – a tremendous relief of strain on the neck and shoulders. Three-section cups lend your breast a beautiful form even without underwire and the longline style improves posture and creates a flatter tummy thanks to its reinforced front panels. The back is made from soft cotton with added elasticity to create a comfortable fit and ensure flexibility when moving and bending. This is a great choice if you prefer a front fastening bra or suffer with any mobility issues.

    • Kristina Schradstetter says:

      Dear Maria,
      Unfortunately our strapless bra “Padded Basic” only runs to a 36G cup.
      At this Moment we can only guarantee perfect fit up to Cup size G in this strapless bra. As 36G is the sister size of 34H you can try whether this size would also fit, as bra sizes can vary between brands.
      Very warm regards, Kristina

  1. Ingrid bout says:

    I am a 38 G cup I have frozen shoulder I would like the magnetic bra. Where and how can I get it. How much does it cost. I live in Dubai

    • Kristina Schradstetter says:

      Dear Ingrid,

      Unfortunately our magnetic bra Meggie runs from cup sizes A-E. With our Anita Store Locator you can find distributors closest to where you live. If they should not have the bra on stock our retailers can order the preferred style for you. Best regards, Kristina

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