Women have not always worn bikinis. In fact the bikini is only officially 70 years old having been designed by Frenchman Louis Reard in Paris back in around 1940.

Back then it was considered so scandalous that it was publicly banned from several popular European beaches as well as from Miss World competitions but by the late 1950’s it was catching on and soon became synonymous with sex appeal and seduction. Think Bridget Bardot, Rita Heyworth and Ursula Andrews whose emergence from the surf wearing the now iconic bikini in James Bond Dr No has gone down in history as one of cinemas greatest scenes.

Over the years styles have changed, waist lines have gone up and come down, bikini tops have been halter necked, string and underwired. Colourful prints have complimented eye popping block colour and embellishments and accessories have adorned the differing styles.

If you like to mix up your bikini styles then you will love the Rosa Faia mix and match bikini collection which you can find here.

The anita Mix and match program allows to mix any top and bottom style within to create your own bikini lookThe idea of mix and match is that you can choose your own personal combination of top and bottoms from any of the pieces in our collection.  This is great if you like a particular style of top like a halter-neck but prefer a string brief for instance. Or perhaps you like a solid colour top but a print on your bikini bottoms. . Various top styles (bikinis or tankinis) and numerous types of briefs make a customized set creating many great outfits and perfect combinations for all body shapes!

There are three collections that make up the Mix and Match choices

red multiway bikini from rosa faia black bikini set from rosa faia blue multiway bikini black and white padded push up bikini

‘Island Hopping’ a solid colour collection of tops and bottoms in red, blue or black.


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