High impact sports bra extreme control from Anita active in black on a girl running in the mountains of Mallorca

It’s marathon time again! The much loved London Marathon which is sponsored by Virgin is a long distance running event held in London UK and watched by millions worldwide. The world famous race is an annual event which began in 1981 and it holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest annual fundraising event in the world. (In 2009 it raised over £47.2 million for charity.) Every year tens of thousands of runners take to the streets of London to raise money for their preferred charity having been in training for several months beforehand. Entry is by Ballot or through an official charity and people sometimes wait over a year to gain entry.  The official charity partner for 2016 is the NSPCC and you can read all about the wonderful work that they do to help children in need here.

This year’s race is scheduled for Sunday April 24th and is run over a largely flat course around the River Thames spanning 42,195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards) with race markers positioned at 1 mile intervals.* Spectators line the streets and cheer on their loved ones and pubs put on special Marathon menus for those wishing to raise a glass to their runners.

So what advice is given to those thinking of running a marathon? The official website has some great tips and training plans.

There is a wealth of information and ways to get started whether you are a complete beginner, an ‘improver’ or an experienced runner and a complete 17 week training plan for each group which includes rest days and easy runs to get you gradually adjusted to the pace and distance. Some runners will also use the services of a personal trainer to run with them and help to pace and motivate themselves, there are obviously costs involved with this approach but it will certainly help no end in keeping you focussed and working hard.

We were rather concerned to see that there doesn’t appear to be any information or advice about wearing a sports bra on the website though and would like to stress once again that any female thinking of running the marathon MUST and this really is a non-negotiable MUST get herself properly fitted for a supportive sports bra or risk irreversible damage to the delicate breast tissue during the run.

High impact sports bra momentum from Anita active on a girl running in New York city.

Anita Active have a great selection of sports bras that you can choose from and several of them are suitable for high impact sports like running which do require a firm support bra.

We recommend Extreme Control or Momentum for anyone considering the marathon and now is a good time to buy one as you will have time to get used to it before the race in a few weeks.  Anita Active sports bras also feature soft, seam free towelling lining inside their bras to prevent chafing and help with sweat management – This really helps to prevent sore nipples (otherwise known as joggers nipple!!) which has beset many a poor runner male and female alike.

Use the stockist finder on our site to find a stockist near you and you can make sure that you are correctly fitted. After all a badly fitting sports bra won’t do its job properly anyway!

We would love to hear from you if you are running the marathon this year. Contact us on our Facebook page and tell us your plans and who you are running for.

*Source Wikipedia



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