In today’s internet driven world we have the opportunity to buy anything we like almost whenever or wherever we choose. Whether it’s from the comfort of our armchair, lying in our beds, travelling on the train or even lounging on a beach the World Wide Web and the advent of smart phones means that we can literally choose to shop at our leisure without ever stepping inside a shop. (Can you imagine telling your grandparents even twenty years ago that they would soon be able to order their weeks groceries while relaxing in front of the goggle box and that someone else would pick and pack then deliver them to their door? I don’t think they would have believed you). But the fact remains that more and more of us are shunning the high street and buying our material goods online.

While this is super convenient for all types of shopping like food and groceries, stationary, books, DVD’s, presents for our family or for things such as reserving concert tickets or booking a holiday, some things will need a little more thinking about before we order. Clothes and lingerie are an example of things that are harder to purchase online since all need to be fitted to our particular body shape or breast size. Arguably shoes and boots would also fall into this category but since shoe sizes tend to be more stable across the board whichever brand you choose and since our shoe size rarely changes through our adult lifetime, once you have been fitted then you can usually order pretty confidently. (By the way girls, Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can literally change your life but more on that later…)

Clothes can be more of a gamble but again, if you know your dress size you can usually google and see whether a particular brand comes up true to size or is a little snug or loose against other brands and order accordingly. (Remember the great thing about mail order is of course that you can always send it back!)

Underwear, bras and swimwear however are a different matter. These really do need to fit properly, you cannot make do with a poorly fitting bra or bikini if you want to look good on the beach and enjoy adequate breast support.   And of course if you have undergone breast surgery this is even more important. Visible knicker lines, fondly known as VPL, do nothing for your confidence and a badly fitting bra will not only put you at risk of damaging delicate breast tissue but really affects the way your clothes hang. Lack of breast support due to a badly fitting bra can make you appear a size larger than you actually are and many women are pleasantly surprised to see how much slimmer they look when they are correctly fitted with a bra by a professional bra fitter. I have seen this happen with my own eyes!

So does this mean that you cannot buy lingerie online then? Not at all ladies, you just need to plan ahead. Our recommendation to you is to visit a reputable lingerie store and get yourself fitted for a bra or bikini that you like (a list of Anita stockists near you is available on our website). Then once you have established your correct size you are free to order online from whomever you so choose, bearing in mind of course that underwear brands, unlike shoes, can vary considerably in the way the sizes come up, so it’s usually best to stick to the brand that you were fitted for unless you are happy to check the fit yourself at home.

Anita has a beautiful range of stunning large cup bras for the curvier lady as well as specialising in post surgery, maternity and sports bras so if you are looking for some inspiration check out our collections and find a stockist near you to get fitted.

See all our collections:

Rosa Faia bras and briefs

Romatic embroidered white bra with underwires from Rosa Faia is also available in large cup sizes.

Rosa Faia swimwear

Strapless or multiple way bikini with underwires and shell print from Rosa Faia.

Anita Active Sports Bras

Girl running in the high impact sports bra momentum in black, perfect support for high impact sports.

Anita Comfort Large Cup bras and shapewear

The support bra Valentina in a mauve color provides reliev and support for big cups.

Anita Comfort swimwear

Swimming costumes for plus sizes and curvier figures in a bright blue and green peacock colour print.

Anita Maternity and Nursing Bras

Anita maternity nursing bra in white with high cotton content and easy breast feeding funtion. For large cups and sizes.

Anita Maternity Swimwear

Blue maternity tankini leaves room for a growing baby belly.

Anita Care Post-Surgical Lingerie

Beautiful lingerie after breast surgery and mastectom in a pretty dark blue colour holds silicone breast forms.

Anita Care Post-Surgical swimwear

Beautiful black and white mastectomy swimming costume from Anita care with breast6 form pockets on both sides for secure swimming.

So remember girls, a new pair of shoes may have found Cinderella her handsome prince but gorgeous well fitted lingerie is what will keep his interest 😉



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