Having a baby is such an exciting time especially if it’s your first baby. Breastfeeding is widely known to be the very best start to life baby can have but it always takes a little time for Mum and Baby to get into a good working routine and wearing a properly fitted nursing bra makes a big difference in how easy it is to adjust to round the clock feeds.  In addition if you have an ‘easy to open’ bra then you will feel more confident about venturing out once baby is a little older as you will know it’s easy to stop and give demand feeds without struggling to undo complicated clips and hooks in public.

Anita Maternity have created a brand new ‘Basic Maternity Bra’ for those who like pure simplicity in their maternity bra wardrobe. Available in plain white or black for simple mix and match with the three different basics briefs, the bras will fit a B-G cup with seamless pre formed cups for discretion and fit.

With the new basic maternity bra you will feel beautiful on the outside and great on the inside from the first to the last day of pregnancy. With its flowing, pure design featuring wonderfully formed, moulded cups framed by transparent tulle panels, the basic maternity bra always cuts a fine figure.


Anita basic maternity bra

Basic Maternity Bra in White – Anita Maternity


And it pays to wear it: not only does the bra relieve painful breasts, it also helps to prevent stretch marks and connective tissue weakness. While the moulded cups with soft cotton facing the skin provide pleasant stability, the tulle panels, which flow into the straps at either side, enable the bra to slowly grow with you and the soft padded straps are designed to cushion the weight of heavier breasts throughout your pregnancy.


Anita maternity bra basic

Basic Maternity Bra in black – Anita Maternity


All Anita Maternity products are available from any Anita Stockist, please check out the stockist finder here to find an Anita Maternity stockist near you.


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