If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll almost never find it. This saying is quite true to breast cancer. Since your boobs are always changing in shape and size, it isn’t completely unheard of to feel something different. Fortunately, just because you feel a change in texture or even a lump in your breast can be totally harmless. However, you won’t know unless you get it checked out, and in order to know when it’s time to book a mammogram, you need to know the warning signs. So cup your breasts in your hand, cop a feel and see what’s going on inside beneath your bra.

A lump, hardened tissue or knot

Almost every woman knows that a lump in the breast requires a check up with the doctor – and if you were one of the few who weren’t aware of this, we’re happy to inform you. Unfortunately, not every woman knows that a breast cancer lump doesn’t always feel the way you would expect a lump to feel.  Plus, with the naturally bumpy tissue of breasts, it can be hard to decipher between what’s normal and what’s not.

It’s important to remember that breast cancer lumps can feel more like muscle knots, or even lumpy areas as opposed to one lump in the breast. They can be small, large, hard and soft, so as a rule of thumb – when in doubt, get it checked.

Liquid leaking from your nipples

Before we get into this breast cancer warning sign, it’s important to recognize that nipple discharge isn’t all that uncommon. This symptom can mean nothing at all, which is what we’re hoping for. However, it can be a sign of early stage breast cancer, especially if there is nipple discharge without squeezing the nipple or if it only occurs in one breast.

Another sign that it’s time to head to the doctors is if the discharge is clear or bloody, as opposed to milky. Even if it’s not breast cancer, liquid leaking from your nipples can be a sign of infection. So, book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Discomfort that lasts beyond your period

Breasts can get sore, especially around your period.  Some women experience discomfort before their period, during and/or after. It’s just part of the whole ordeal – lucky you, right? However, if you notice that the pain in your breasts hasn’t gone away after your next period, it’s time to head to the doctors.

Aside from pain in the breast, if you’re experiencing redness, skin irritation, itchiness, rashes or swelling that can’t be explained, this could be a sign of early stage breast cancer.

The difficult thing about breast cancer symptoms is that they’re also symptoms of absolutely nothing. A lump, discharge or change in your breasts can be completely harmless. However, it can also be a sign of something extremely serious. So, always book an appointment to get your breasts checked if you feel anything out of the ordinary – and treat your boobs good in the meantime.


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