#Brablems. Now that’s a hashtag we can all relate to. Tons of women feel like the best part of the day is when we get to relieve our boobies from the bra, but the reality is, bras shouldn’t be that awful of an experience. As long as you’re wearing the right size and a quality style, you should actually love wearing a bra! Instead of discomfort and restriction, you should be experience lift, support and comfort. So if you’re experiencing any of these common bra problems, it’s time to go shopping.

Too Much Push

I’m sure every lady can relate to seeing friends for the first time in a while, and they exclaim, “Wow! Have your boobs gotten bigger?” The worst is when people assume you’ve had work done because your breasts are suddenly looking massively plump. It’s the problem associated with wearing a bra that has way too much push. So, if your face is close to being suffocated anytime you move your head downwards, you’ve got a bra problem on your hands. Mind you, it isn’t that bad of a problem to have now is it?

Selma Underwire Bra Spacer Cup

Less Fabric, More Money

If you walk into any generic store and head on over to their “lingerie” section, you’ll quickly notice that looking sexy is expensive. The bras with less fabric often come with a higher price. Sometimes, this doesn’t make sense. But depending on where you’re buying your bras from, it could mean better quality. But if the fabric isn’t fancy and the craftsmanship is mediocre, you could be getting ripped off with this bra problem.

Nipple Escape

If you’ve ever purchased a bra with a cup that is too small for your bust, you’ve probably experienced the escaped nipple. This often happens in bras that are super low cut and that have a huge push. It also depends on where your nipples fall on your breast, but either way, an escaped nipple peaking over the top of your bra is never a good look. Up that cup size, ladies.

Fat You Never Knew Existed

The amount of bra problems that come from wearing the wrong size are endless. This one is definitely one of the worst because it puts a serious damper on your self-esteem and confidence. When you wear a bra that is too small, it squeezes you in all the wrong places – in all the places a bra should never squeeze in. Thus, you get these pockets of fat that are just never fun. This bra problem is a tell tale sign that it’s time to up your size.

Low Hanging Strapless Styles

Oh, strapless bras. This is an entire new universe of bra problems. Fortunately, it can be fixed simply by placing importance on quality. So, if you find yourself constantly pulling at the sides of your strapless, it’s time to say bye to that bra. Plus, there are so many incredible bras that have interchangeable straps, there’s really no need to risk the low hanging strapless anymore.

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