Feel Pretty in Plus Size with These Stunning Bra Styles

You probably remember the days where shopping for plus size bras was a complete drag. Finding your size was nearly impossible, and if you did manage to find it, the bra looked like something straight out of your grandmother’s wardrobe. We hear you!

This is exactly why Anita Collection wanted to change things up! Large bust ladies deserve to dress in stunning undergarments too, without sacrificing the added support and structure you need.  Here are 5 must-have plus size bras that will make you feel glamorous, beautiful – and lifted!

Scarlett Underwire Bra

scarlett underwire

Scarlett Underwire Bra – 5648

Who said a big bust can’t wear underwire bras? This beautiful underwire bra will prove everyone wrong because it is truly the perfect cup for your breast. It’s designed with added support, with a strong underwire that can withstand the weight of larger breasts. So, you will be stabilized and lifted throughout the entire day, without any digging.  Plus, the embroidered details and spark of color is a super beautiful breast bonus.





Scarlett Underwire Spacer Bra

scarlett underwire spacer

Scarlett Underwire Spacer Bra – 5649

The underwire space bra has all the benefits mentioned previously, but with the additional power of a spacer bra design that is so worthy of your attention. It’s a breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable, and is the perfect option for wearing under a T-shirt. Plus, you also have that strong underwire so it’s a win-win from all angles – literally.






Momentum Sports Bra

Momentum Sports Bra -5529

Momentum Sports Bra -5529

Every lady needs a good sports bra; one they can rely on whenever they need to work up a sweat. However, this is easier said than done for women with larger breasts – or at least, it was until now!

This is actually one of the bestselling bras from the Anita brand, and that’s because it does everything a sports bra should do, plus more. It doesn’t just give you that support, structure and shape but it adds in all the comfort and beauty you deserve.



Clara Wire-Free Support Bra

Clara Wire-free Support Bra

Clara Wire-free Support Bra

Some days you don’t want to wear an underwire bra – we’ve all been there, but that doesn’t mean your breasts have to pay the price. This wire-free support bra comes in all cup sizes up to H, and has an incredible amount of support. Everything that a good, supportive plus size bra should have can be found in this design. Gone are the days of having a sore back from having large breasts, ladies.





Jana Comfort Cotton Soft Bra

Jana Comfort Cotton Soft Bra - 5427

Jana Comfort Cotton Soft Bra – 5427


Going with the whole comfort theme, this is one plus size bra you don’t want to skip over. Often times, bras just aren’t fun for women with a large bust. They dig, jab, rub, pull, squeeze, squish and do all kinds of things bras should never do.

So the Jana Comfort Cotton Soft Bra was designed to take care of all those problems many women experience with their plus size bras. The fabric is so soft, and the cups are in three-sections to give you optimal comfort, support and shape.



Josephine Seamless Underwire Bra

Josephine Seamless Underwire Bra - 5675

Josephine Seamless Underwire Bra – 5675


You’re going to love this plus size bra! It was inspired by dancer, Josephine Baker and combines comfort and support with chic style.  The cups are double-layered and made of soft microfiber to ensure a plus size bra that feels as good as it looks.

We know, you probably feel like you’re living in a dream world, but you’re not. It’s time to wake up, ladies and invest in your chest! These plus size bras will show you that you don’t have to hate bra shopping or having a large bust. Shop today and change your entire mindset about your beautiful bust and plus size bras.

  1. Those are really stunning bras. I think the Josephine Seamless Underwire Bra – 5675 has my vote as my favorite out of the 6 you have posted . I just like the way seamless bras feel and they make me look stacked.

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