There was once a time when a bra was a bra but those days are no longer as there are various styles that address all different kinds of issues, comfort levels and styles. Heck! There is even styles specific to the clothing that you’re wearing and today, we’re going to tell you all about the Spacer Bras that have been taking over the undergarment industry for their luxurious feel and impeccable dose of many of benefits. You’re about to join the many other women who also fell in love with this innovative style of bra.

What is a Spacer Bra?
A spacer bra looks just like a regular T-shirt bra but you’ll feel the difference as soon as you slip into one. They’re made out of an extremely light, airy and breathable fabric making them perfect for hotter days or if you tend to sweat more than others. To be exact, the Spacer foam is knitted to create foamy air pockets that allow air to pass through the cup. The feeling is also luxuriously soft and has a bit of spongy elements that literally make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all without taking away the benefits that you get from some of your other heavy duty styled bras.

Lightweight And Airy

Airita Comfort Soft Bra Spacer Cups

Due to the importance being placed on selecting only high quality fabrics that are light and airy for the craft and design of this kind of bra, one of the biggest benefits is that you literally feel like you aren’t wearing one. You will no longer feel like the best part of the day is when you get home and can finally take off your bra. The only reason you’ll know you’re even wearing one is because of the other benefits that are as follows. However, we can’t forget to mention that the lightweight and breathable design of space bras certainly decrease the boob sweat and discomfort that often follows with those warmer days. It’s also ideal for women that are pregnant or nursing and Anita Collection even offers nursing spacer bras so you can get the whole package.

Selma Underwire Bra Spacer Cup

Subtly Shapely And Lightly Lifting
Often times, with a lightweight bra you don’t get the emphasized shape that every lady enjoys from a good bra, but this can’t be said about spacer bras because as mentioned, you get the lightweight feel without sacrificing other benefits from other styles. Since spacer bras are very much like T-shirt bras, they still have a molded cup that encourages that flawless rounded shape – without all the excessive underwire, padding and pushing up. Now, that’s not to say that these can’t be elements of some spacer bras because there are certainly styles that will do more pushing up, or have more underwire or padding but the main focus is on the breathable fabric and comfort that is natural and subtly shapely.
Substantial Support and Incredible Comfort
Support is sometimes an element that get’s forgotten about when lightweight bras are designed as well, but the spacer bras have completely changed that because support is their forte. Again, without an abundance of padding, underwires and pushing up. Don’t let the light fabric fool you. The unique craftsmanship of the spacer bras allows for the support to be prominent without overbearing elements. Comfort is also right up there on the benefit list of spacer bras as they are designed to discourage uncomfortable digging and hooking.
All of these innovative benefits and elements of spacer bras are ultimately what provides that feeling like you’re not even wearing a bra at all – a desire so many of us have wanted for years and years. Dreading having to wear a bra is so yesterday.

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