‘One bra fits all’ couldn’t be any more untrue, and while many women believe that a workout bra is fit for every breast size and style of exercise, it’s time for you to learn the truth. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are dedicating this blog post to all the ladies that want to make their breasts look and feel amazing – even when working up a sweat. Whether you’re an A cup or G, a runner or self-proclaimed yogi, there is a sports bra out there that can completely change the way you feel while working out. Additionally, proper structure and support of a bra can thoroughly enhance and maintain your breasts’ health. So here’s to jumping up and down, swinging side to side without any digging, rubbing or pinching.

The Best Bras for Medium to Low Impact Workouts

Light & Firm Sports Bra, Firm Support

Medium to low workouts typically consist of anything from strolling to power walking, yoga, pilates or anything that doesn’t require intense movements or in other words, movements that don’t really make you bounce excessively. For the ladies with A-B cups, bras with a supportive yet stretchy material are excellent and breathable for your light exercise. If you have a larger breast size, opt for a workout bra that maintains shape while also providing you with support. Some modest padding will work wonders, and a sports bra with clasps will make it easy to slip in and out of it without a struggle.



The Best Bras for High Impact
High impact exercises are intense; think boot camps, zumba classes, running or any workout that really gets your body working hard and sweating. For the ladies with A-B cups, do not underestimate your need for a supportive sports bra. Your boobs need it just as much as larger breasts do. Grab some bra styles that have cups as opposed to styles that simply stretch over your breasts. While you may not believe you have much to support, opting for the wrong bra will show you otherwise.

Momentum Sports Bra, Maximum Support

So avoid feeling discomfort that can also be harmful to your breasts’ tissue by choosing a molded bra that offers breathable fabrics. For women with larger breasts sizes, it is recommended to opt for a sport bra that has modest padding within the cup, and even some padding on the straps to decrease pulling or friction that can be caused from the intense movements of high impact workouts. Wider straps also enhance your comfort while exercising, and a breathable fabric is always ideal to make sure that your sweat isn’t clogging your pores.



Tips to Remember
To ensure the comfort, support and style of your sport bras, look for styles that offer adjustments such as adjustable bands and adjustable straps. Adjustable-everything is certainly key for all breasts sizes and all workouts. You want to be able to stretch, bend and move with ease while not having to worry about popping out at any given moment. Having the option to fit your bra to your specific body type is extremely beneficial. That’s also not to mention that a properly fitting bra is crucial to your breasts health, appearance and even posture.

No bra is fit for all, and whether you are an A cup or G, doing low impact or high impact workouts, the sport bra that you wear can thoroughly enhance your comfort, efficiency and experience.

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