Happy President’s Day and of course an even Happier Valentine’s Day!

With our Special Edition 2020 President’s Day Sale, which coincides with Valentine’s Day this year we find it no better time to focus on how shades of your lingerie and active wear can have more behind it than meets the eye.

In respect to the President’s Day Holiday, let’s focus on Blue, and more specifically a darker shade and a lighter one

When you dark blue is often associated with authority, but here’s where it gets interesting is with a lighter shade or as Rosa Faia offers it; soft blue. Lighter shades of blue suggest creativity and open mindedness, and one cannot help but draw a parallel with this in their lingerie fashion conscience mind. Blue Iris on the other hand which you will find a lot of our Anita Active wear in is much more commanding just like a trip to the gym should be. It is for this reason many of our Anita Active styles are available in several different shades of red, a color which is known to inspire action!

Was this a mistake or coincidence on Anita’s part, guess the mystery will remain.

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