Anita maternity

Special features
of Anita maternity

Anita maternity supports young mums in all 3 stages: during pregnancy, nursing and recovery. The strictest quality requirements in terms of design, finish and fit, as well as meticulous care in selecting the most skin-friendly materials are right at the top of the list when it comes to Anita maternity.

Pregnancy, nursing and recovery

ReBelt Panty in white, helping you recover after pregnancy

Effective recovery

The soft tissue on your tummy is not easy to get rid of after you have given birth and all the good intentions about exercising fall by the wayside at first – because your baby needs you!

That is exactly why the ReBelt Panty can be a big help, as it gently remodels the tummy and hips after a pregnancy. 

Anita maternity Baby Belts support the tummy and relieve strain on the back.

Anita support concept

Pregnancy is a huge strain on the body and particularly on the back. Find out more about the very special efficacy of our gently supporting Anita maternity Baby Belts.



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